bruce jenner  getting a coffe  in malibu_.

It’s obvious that Bruce Jenner didn’t have his eyes on the road when he slammed into that Lexus’s rear end on PCH and jolted the vehicle into oncoming traffic where it was hit by a Hummer. The driver was killed. When cops arrived, Bruce claimed he was being “chased by paparazzi” but they could find no evidence of that. Imagine blaming photographers for his own careless driving! When a man decides to document his gender reassignment on TV he should EXPECT a whole lot of media attention anyway. It will be interesting to see if police find evidence of texting. Or was Bruce simply looking at himself in the mirror? We’re disappointed that he hasn’t expressed any sympathy or regrets about the accident. He doesn’t even look upset.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. What I find sad is how most headlines state Bruce survived, meanwhile the other driver did not.

  2. I hope that the family of the poor woman who died sue Jenner for everything that he’s got. She was aware of the impending crash and Jenner the Jerk was either smoking, texting, or was otherwise distracted. And there are pictures of him driving a different car less than 24 hours later!

  3. What’s he supposed to do, cry in public? He very well may be upset but hiding it. Nobody knows what he’s thinking or feeling. Accidents happen. I’m glad everyone else is so perfect they’ve never made mistakes.

  4. Of course no one is perfect! But too many people are distracted when they are driving. Distracted driving is overtaking drunk driving. Wake-up Theresa!

  5. do you expect a different reaction? Her family should sue Jenner off the face of the earth.

  6. I’m awake Semi and reports are coming out he was not distracted and not his fault. Like I said accidents happen. Maybe you should wake up.

  7. He looks like my middle school girls gym teacher. She could probably choke him out though.

  8. Geez everybody. Why the rush to judgement? Why think the worse of Bruce? Now it seems like a Prius ahead of the Lexus suddenly stopped and was apparently making an illegal left hand turn. Having driven the PCH, I tend to believe that scenario. The Lexus slammed into the Prius and then Bruce rear-ended the Lexus–but evidence right now shows that he had tried to stop. He has cooperated fully and *has* released a statement.. Bruce may be entirely blameless –but he will get massively sued since he is infamous and has the big bucks.

    Finally, it is obvious that there were photographers around since so many photos of the crash and post crash activities are being published.

  9. Poor little Bob…the gay insider!

    True, don’t blame Bruce before the investigation is over. He is probably a nice but disturbed and confused person and probably distraught over the death in this accident.

    Blame the Kardashians instead!

  10. Janet, you REALLY need to revise your post since the latest evidence in the investigation (as Miz Busybody pointed out)indicates that the Prius two cars ahead of Jenner was the vehicle at fault for suddenly braking, and skid marks from Jenner’s trailer show that he swerved and tried to avoid the Lexus. Jenner is HARDLY at fault, no matter how hard you try to make him so. Shame on you for casting blame before you have the facts!

  11. Even if the Prius suddenly applied his brakes, it’s the responsibility of drivers behind to control their vehicles and to be able to stop. I would think therefore that there’s some culpability on Bruce’s part. My mom rear-ended a car last year in a very similar situation (although without injuries!) and her insurance rates went up as a result.

  12. People drive too close — that’s why they can’t stop in time.

  13. There is no evidence yet that the Prius driver is at fault. TMZ is positing this theory. TMZ is Kartrashian central. So lets wait and see. In any event, I think Bruce will have some culpability here. What if the Prius stopped or slowed down because a person was jaywalking? That is a frequent occurrence on Pacific Coast Highway, and you need to be prepared to stop and drive carefully. It is a particularly dangerous road.

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