Brooke Mueller has turned out to be the lesser of two evils. Charlie Sheen has a long history of drug abuse and domestic violence problems, he’s been accused of porn addiction, had multiple rehabs, and probation violations. He married a woman who was treated for alcohol and crack (!) addiction in 2001 and is back in rehab for the same addictions. Brooke has been trying to cover up her own problems, but the night she called 911 and accused Sheen of threatening her with a knife, she opened a can of worms. Brooke is not the innocent wife in this sick story. She’s currently back in rehab and presumably Charlie is watching the twins. What a pair.

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  1. Addicts date and marry (and have children with) other addicts. It’s par for the course. When you see one addict, that’s just a red flag that the people who choose to deal with that person have addiction issues of some kind as well. That’s just my observation.

    Also, didn’t you forget to mention that he’s been accused of having online gambling issues? Or am I wrong on that?

  2. Stop victim blaming. She may be an addict (which is absolutely terrible considering she has twin sons who are still babies) but NO ONE deserves to have a knife pulled on them. Period. Domestic violence is never “deserved”, and it is never the fault of the victim.

  3. I just read that Charlie’s friends are begging HIM to go to rehab ..what the hell was he thinking when he married another addict?.. I feel bad for those boys, who would have thought that Denise Richards would end up being the normal one in all this?

  4. The twins should be taken away from them STAT. These 2 are totally irresponsible and always will be. Pinocchio nose Charlie is really a lost cause…..Brooke may have a chance if she gets away from him.

  5. He had a reputaion,he knew she had one,and the two of them pledged eternal love.I am all for the “till death”verse in the marital vow,but not through domestic violence and threats.What these two saw in each other, is what they have ended up with.PEACE!!!

  6. I agree with Dandy Lion completely. Neither of these losers should have influence over growing children. Take them away now, before it’s too late for them and they are irrevocably damaged. I’d love it if I never had to hear a thing again about that total loser Charlie Sheen or see his used up face on my computer or staring at me from magazines. Go ahead and OD already Charlie, and take your loser wife with you, and hurry up about it, the world is sick of your shit already! Do your children a favor and die!

  7. I completely agreed w/ Astrid. Having said that, maybe the twins should go to the Octomom? No 911 phone calls there lately.
    And I’m still boycotting “Two and a Half Men.”

  8. Like dogs, they should be spayed and neutered. No more procreation for these unfit parents. One of these days they will be so drunk and drugged up the twins will be neglected and it only takes a second for a tragedy to happen. This is really unbelievable that these 2 misfits are not in jail.

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