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This picture of Britney Spears leaving a Beverly Hills nail salon might lead you to assume that she’s trying to give up two bad habits: smoking and flashing. She’s sucking on a lollipop instead of inhaling, and she’s wearing that long dress over her bathing suit to cover herself up while climbing in and out of the car. Of course these notions could also be the last thing on her mind.

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  1. $20 bucks says it’s an HERBAL lolipop. =)
    gotta calm those nerves…..LOL
    red is the most popular weed lolipop

  2. in other photos of her in that dress, she doesn’t have a bathing suit under it and she literally takes slips her arm out and flashes her mam to the paps…this girl needs some serious help.

  3. Candy Spelling has no class. Yet wants to act better then everyone else in hell-a. says:

    Have you guys read the open letter Candy Spelling sent out to TMZ a few days ago all about Britney??
    Tori must be dying of embarassment.

  4. Sorry, you lose.. she flashed her nips for the cameraman later..

  5. I’ve never seen a multimillionaire who can’t seem to dress herself, or keep her private parts covered. She seems to be an exhibitionist, nobody flashes by accident on a daily basis.
    Plus anything she wears is always stained, she is worse than a toddler.

  6. No it’s not an improvement. Britney still looks like a slob and always will.

  7. In the self-improvement department, she has nowhere to go but up. Unfortunately, once trailer trash–always trailer trash.

  8. “…on her mind.” ROTFLMAO. Think this slag has the ability to think??? This woman is a walking hole.

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