It’s evident that Britney Spears still doesn’t have a 100% grip on reality. She actually went to a pet shop that buys from puppy mills and BOUGHT herself another dog! SO wrong in so many ways! Last fall she purchased her tiny teacup Yorkie Hannah for $1800 from the Barkworks pet store in Thousand Oaks. This chain of pet shops has had their West side store closed down due to sick animals and the Better Business Bureau gave them an F. Needless to say, animal activists have been slamming the store’s policies. Since Britney bought Hannah, the dog has been hospitalized three times with kidney and lung problems, according to RadarOnline. She’s currently in the hospital and not doing well, but fortunately Britney can afford the thousands of dollars in medical bills. Still, we wonder if Brit has learned any kind of lesson here. We also wonder how her split with fiance Jason Trawick will affect her state of mind.


  1. ? I seriously don’t think this is news worthy? Yes she has thousands of dollars and spending it in this manner should not cause alarm or concern.

  2. Poor little Yorkie. I have a five pounder that is almost ten years old and has been on special food most of her life. They can be fragile little beings. I pray hers gets well.

  3. At least the dog is getting good care. Imagine if someone who couldn’t afford the vet bills had bought this dog.

  4. What Dragonfly said. I’m sure poor Hannah is receiving top notch vet care.

  5. What’s newsworthy is that she BOUGHT her dog from a pet store. Responsible dog owners RESCUE dogs – or at the very least buy from a respectable breeder.

  6. Your point is noted Janet and I agree. I’ve always had rescues. But if these puppy mills aren’t stopped, and pet stores continue to sell puppy mill puppies, a puppy going home with an owner who cares is the least we can hope for.

  7. Well I refuse to sit in judgement of others simply because of where they bought their pet. I know, I know. I have my rescued mutt right by my feet and wouldn’t ever buy from a petstore, however, I’m sure not wanting people to point fingers at me for how I live my life so I am not going to do that to them for something like this. I’ll save my judgement for cheating, thieving people like Lohan.

  8. Britney can do anything she damn well pleases. It’s her money. Maybe she bought the puppy hoping to give it a good home and she is willing to see to its needs. So MYOB. Seems like a rescue to me.

  9. My 2 cents:

    I think if she just happened to walk by and see a sick puppy in a pet shop and buy it on impulse that would be OK, feeling sorry that it was sick.

    But, if this was not the case and she wanted a dog, she should definitely go to a shelter and look at those sad eyes. They would be a friend for life and cost just pennies to adopt. My dog Spot was a mix, but just the right mix that turned out so so cute, not too big and not too little. I’ll cherish his memory 4-ever.

  10. There’s nothing to be done about it, but clearly Britney shouldn’t be wandering around town with loads of money at her disposal. She doesn’t seem capable of making good decisions, which is dangerous when you’re filthy rich. How many small dogs has she had? Where are they all? Same with Paris, though I think she’s simply a spoiled narcissist, whereas Spears has an obvious chemical imbalance. It’s just too damned bad the most innocent among us wind up at their mercy. (And I’m also talking about Britney’s 2 boys.)

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