Glasgow streets have been redecorated to look like Philadelphia and that’s where Brad Pitt is now filming “World War Z.” He has an exceptionally pretty girl (above) assigned as his set assistant to cater to his every need. She went to pick up a sandwich for his lunch and immediately the cafe dubbed his choice – chorizo sausage, salsa, and cheddar cheese – the Brad Pitt Special Panini.

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  1. Wonder what else she caters? She could pass for a younger version of Angelina.

  2. I will die laughing if he leaves Angie for this one. Karma baby….

  3. Angie and the brood follow him everywhere and when she sees the assistant she will go ballistic and insist he have the ugliest one possible. They are both jealous and insecure and have probably already cheated at some point since they met. And I bet Jen is hoping he will be caught cheating and cause immense chaos in this weird family. A woman scorned always wants revenge, no matter how long it takes.

  4. She would be a total pushover if lover-boy decided to turn on his charm, ‘cuz he may be sick of scrawny demanding Angie and 6 spoiled brats. I have read tho that he is not that wild about taking showers or using deodorant. I’ve read this 2 or 3 times.

  5. she is a nice looking woman
    but if call this
    exceptionally pretty
    you are blind in one eye
    and cannot see out of the other…..

    i am cranky this morning… my horribly PRE NAMED pit bull, Crippler, uh… I mean Danger, is getting his nuts chopped off this morning. 🙁 I do not wanna put him thru this. (or me, with after care for 2 weeks)….
    if the idiot that had him previous would have done the right thing it would have happened over 6 years ago… then again, he didn’t’ even put an ID tag on his collar, either, so testicles were never a priority…..some people.

    WOOF MOFO’s….. I will give my Boy your condolences.

  6. By Pit BuLL LOVER, sorry about your situation. You are a good Mom!

    I don’t think Angelina has much to worry about with this average looking GIRL. For those people that hope Brad leaves Angelina for karma’s sake deal, shame on you! These two people have 6 children together how would it be karma to split this family up? Sounds like some sort of warped karma to me!

  7. PitBullLover, I see you went for my suggestion of Crippler for your dogs name! Kewl!!
    Tell him not to worry. My master {the lovely Miss Jessica}removed my boys sans anasthesia post marriage ceremony years ago.
    Life goes on, I just don’t wander too far anymore of make a naughty mess out of my blanky.

  8. Pit Bull Lover, good luck with your boy. I’m with you on Danger’s former owner. Someone obviously should’ve neutered him. The first dog we had was a stray and we had to have him neutered. The vet told me he’d be out of it, and when they brought him to the door for me to pick up, he was up on his hind legs ready to go. We could not keep him quiet for 2 weeks. Hope your son heals as well and as fast as ours did.

  9. Casonia Logenberry...On Hell's kitchen your ass is always kicked off for some reason! Hot in that kitchen? Pressure Pushes People to Certain Level? Who is going to Blow up? says:

    Yummy sounds great and this man is Healthy and strong and has an amazing body and…Of course what Mr.Brad Pitts does is amazing work and..He needs his to be able to stay strong and eat well balance meals and that is a wonderful job. Taking care of others…Goody Gum Drop.

  10. Goody gum drop, Casonia! Goody gum drop?!
    Can somebody take her computer away…

  11. The personal assistant looks like Kristen Stewart, and Brad boy looks mighty smug about his good fortune. Brad’s got a huge amount of baggage with six kids, and won’t be “eligible” for a relationship for about 16 years.

  12. Patrick and Casonia, the correct terminology should be goody goody gum drop!

  13. In my neck of the woods an pit bull male, unfixed, KILLED his female mistress, hubby came home to find the dog standing over the body. The dog, covered in blood, escaped as they were investigating, shot immediatley.

    I do not approve of pit bulls.

  14. I agree with you Mel. Another child in Australia was mauled to death by a pit bull in front of her mother, this past week.

    I don’t understand that for all the dog breeds there are, why people still have and breed dogs that (are more prone than others) to kill people. Just doesn’t make sense.

  15. I live in the same neck of those woods….Pacifica is a gorgeous place.. as far as not understanding & judgments about Pits, it seems in spite of the horrific tragedy:

    A day after the family’s pit bull fatally attacked his pregnant wife, Greg Napora said Friday he doesn’t blame the dog. He even plans to bury his spouse, Darla, with their pet’s cremated remains in her casket.
    “They are the most loving animals I have ever had in my life. Whatever happened right now was not the breed’s fault,” said Napora, who found his wife dead when he returned to the couple’s Pacifica home from his construction job with plans to take her to lunch Thursday. “It was just a freak accident.”

    I agree……
    “If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of
    spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All
    things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the
    Earth.” ~Chief Seattle of the Suquamish
    Love to All….

  16. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen..Is only for the few? Year after year people from all over the world want to prove themselves to Chef Gordon Ramsay..Why? He is very hard to please and that what makes him attractive! says:

    I Love Brad Pitt and to wait on that pretty boy all day long is not really a job..It is a Joy of being around this Sweet and Sexy man…He has it going on and of course Lucky Girl is Blessed to be around him and finding out all the yummys this wonderful actor wants is and more fun…Hearing him laugh and seeing his smile…And any one in there right mind is never going to miss aday of work.

  17. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen..Is only for the few? Year after year people from all over the world want to prove themselves to Chef Gordon Ramsay..Why? He is very hard to please and that what makes him attractive! says:

    Patrick why are you picking on me..I Have a right to say what..I want to say and freedom is what life is all about..I Have always had a crush on Brad Pitt and think he has it going on…He Beautiful and has a Body to Die for.

  18. There are 6 wild kids; Angie is about 25 punds underweight; her brother, James, has stated many times that she has very lttle appetite; Brad is reportedly still smoking (cigs and weed); they are in Bosnia one week, New Orleans the next; then in their mansion in the south of France for a month; then to Vietnam; then she is off to parts of Africa as the GoodWill ambassador; then next week they are in Cannes, France film festival; then they fly to L.A.; then yada yada yada. My question is: HOW do they do it?

  19. a dog viciously attacking another human being without any provocation, is NOT a freak accident.

    any dog or animal that attacks my family will be shot to its death! end of discussion.

  20. She looks young and stupid and dumb-struck being near Mr. Hottie. Furthermore, she looks like a push-over and I hear pretty-boy is good at pushing ’em over by just turning on his boyish charms. Angie would turn into a raging tiger if she got wind he might have cheated and as the story goes,:) “She would never be an assistant in this town again”. Yes, Angie weights about 99 pounds, but she is powerful.

  21. any idiot that points a gun at MY dog will be sorry they pointed the gun… fucking hysteric….
    you weren’t there you have NO freaking idea what went down
    NO ONE was there when it happened so no one knows
    you’re pathetic. End of “discussion”.
    no go sit and stay in a corner somewhere.

  22. I Think it is wonderful that Brad Pitt is taking care of his family of family and on the other hand it is great that he is eatting the foods that please him and keep him in shape…I think he is a great role model and a wonderful family.

  23. This young lady is doing her job and she is making sure that his cravings are being met and she is making sure that he keeps his stregth up and can think straight and get the job done!

  24. The job pays well and it has to be neat working with people who are movie stars and to get paid for it has to be a Dream come true!

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