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Yes, another celebrity casualty. Brad Pitt (along with Angelina Jolie) showed up at the Palm Springs Film Festival limping and leaning on a cane. He and Michelle Williams are set to receive the Desert Palm Achievement Award for Acting. Brad explained he injured himself skiing with his kids. His buddy George Clooney is also there with Stacy Keibler.



  1. It’s usually Clooney that’s accident prone. Is that a cigg in his rt hand, along with what looks like a pen for possible autographs? Too bad someone blessed with his good looks smokes, not only for the destructive effects on his body, but his face, his beautiful face. Then there’s what it will do to his kids if he gets cancer as so many other Hollywood smokers before him have done. Bogie, John Wayne, Bette Davis, and on and on endlessly. Smoking has GOT to be one of THE stupedest things a person could ever do voluntarily.

  2. No cig Reta, just a pen.

    Brad looks ridiculously good. I don’t think I’ve seen him look this good in a long, looong time. Good on ya, gorgeous!

  3. My sis gives me her rag mags after she’s thru, plus read some in grocery checkout line; here is a smattering of what I’ve read about Brad and Angie for the last 3 or 4 years.

    1) Brad still secretly keeps in touch with Jennifer.
    2) They want more kids, biological or adopted.
    3) They don’t want more kids, biological or adopted.
    4) Angelina is still extremely jealous of Jennifer and they have had screamfests over her.
    5) Angelina is extremely jealous of any pretty female in Brad’s movies.
    6) They said they would never marry.
    7) Maddox and the others want them to marry, so they will do so in 2012.
    8) The fight constantly about how to raise the kids. eg. Brad does not want Shiloh to wear boy’s clothes and Angie wants her to do her own thing.
    9) Angie is down to 94 pounds and her health is in danger.
    10) Angie is about 3 months pregnant now.

    The one thing I know is true is that they are forever on an airplane flying to remote parts of the world, staying in their lux mansions. That would make you worn out and need a cane to walk. LOL

  4. Indy, all the gossip mag news that you cited is why I try to get through the grocery line as fast as possible.

    Oh, and Brad looks extremely good here.

  5. I guess they won’t be taking the kids up Mount San Jacinto for a picnic/hike with Brad gimped up. To bad, it’s nice up there right now.

  6. Dude, I mean Janice…POST SOME NEW SHIT ALREADY.

    k, thanx

  7. Karma….BP put his feet( and other parts of his anatomy) where they don’t belong years ago….and….now…’s payback time! His body looks old; face has had cosmetic procedures. Dishonesty and faulty values never look good!

  8. He is an attractive man, but too vanilla and boring as a person to me!

  9. Denise: LOL.

    The whole world has gone insane. A and B must be the busiest ‘couple’ on earth. How do they have time to just watch TV or sleep? Even with nannies, maids, etc., their fast paced life boggles the mind. Half the time, they don’t even know what country they’re in. Sooner or later, something’s gotta give.

  10. It’s already starting to give…..look at the shape BP is in. Needs a cane?

  11. Janet are you on the Stacy Keibler payroll!? It seems you mention her name every remote chance you get.

    IMO I think Brad has lost his looks, he used to be so hot. But all the smoking has taken it’s toll.

  12. As for the previous post mention of George being the one that is usually banged up. Well…. blind gossip on the vine is that he likes his sexual escapades extremely rough.

  13. That’s not a cane with Brad, that’s his pencil thin mate Angelina.

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