Certainly Brad Pitt must be reflecting on the enormous difference between his two divorces. When Jennifer Aniston decided to call their marriage off, it was a character-revealing episode. There were no embarrassing accusations made against Brad, and there was no bickering over possessions or money. It was a swift and quiet legal maneuver with no negative repercussions. Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, humiliated Brad with deliberately leaked shocking allegations right away, and never stopped disputing custody and financial issues, extending the negotiations over two expensive years – so far. Through it all, Brad has never said a word about Angelina.

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  1. Angelina was a very well known and extremely active lesbian previously and its hard to believe she has not returned to skirt chasing post Brad….but maybe keeping it quiet until after the divorce settlement.

    Brad must be deeply regretting her nuttily adopting a flock of multicolor children during their marriage.

  2. Angelina was a loon before she got with Brad, so this is surprising why?

  3. AJ seems to be a black widow. She completely lured BP into her web, spun of her weirdness. It would be amazing if Brad and Jen could quietly get back together. But all those kids, not to mention legally required regular contact with AJ… not sure if Jen would want to sign up for that. Other than the fact that she hasn’t found a good partner, her life is pretty sweet right now.

  4. What I don’t get, why buy a cow who was giving away free milk all over Hollywood?

  5. Hmmmmm Angie has been a MKULTRA for how long..What’s the deal “really” with all those kids..Yea..Brad knows ALLOT I’m sure..He’s a pawn too.

  6. Brad seems like a nice guy but dumb as a box of rocks. Angie is a freak show. I never understood the attraction or why he would want to adopt all these kids with her. And I seriously don’t get this business of allowing Shiloh to act like a boy. Sounds like some psychological abuse happened to that child.

  7. Does Angelina realize that she’s seriously damaging her own career, not just in entertainment, but also in her refugee work?

    My opinion of her has taken a nosedive.

    Someone who “allegedly” tries so hard to destroy the relationship between children and their father doesn’t deserve our box office money. I’ll be boycotting her movies.

    She needs to stop and get some psychiatric help!

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