Hollywood woke up with a JOLT this morning and it wasn’t an earthquake – it was the news that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce! Unthinkable! Until, that is, you stop to consider that they HAVE been together for 12 years (married for two) and that’s quite a chunk of time for the biggest stars in the world. No, we don’t believe Brad cheated with his costar Marion Cotillard like some tabloid claims. But yes, it’s quite likely he started smoking weed again and he does enjoy having a drink or two. Smoking too much weed and languishing on the couch was the reason Jennifer Aniston got bored and divorced him. Yes, SHE DIVORCED HIM! Angie claims the split is for the sake of the kids and yes, she and Brad have different ideas about raising them. Brad is a decent Midwestern boy who expects his kids to behave. Angelina grew up wild and she’s more casual. And of course Shiloh can be a point of contention. Angie is much more open to her tomboy daughter transitioning, while Brad has a wait and see attitude. Now Brad has the honor of being divorced by the two most popular women in Hollywood!

Above, Angie and kids (Shiloh far left) at the airport, as usual

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Transitioning? Seriously? She’s a CHILD!!! Stop with this transgender crap already. Lots of people were tomboys as kids and didn’t turn out to be surgical freaks. This is child abuse to let this go on, get her in counseling.

  2. Brad seems dumb as a rock, always reeking of tobacco and weed. Angie has been a mental mess for years and years, and also a druggie. God help those kids.

  3. Children should never be used on entertainment blogs to increase clicks or to make money. Shame on you.

  4. “Brad seems dumb as a rock, always reeking of tobacco and weed”

    And you know this how, exactly? I think his housing initiatives in New Orleans is more than enough proof that he is far from “dumb as a rock”.

  5. Reading comprehension is everything Tooty. I said “seems”. Maybe he’s a freaking genius. But I doubt it.

  6. What a HORRENDOUS thing to do – blame one particular child (among six) for the breakup of her parents marriage. How do you think that poor child will feel when one of her friends mentions your comment?

    Please take it down now. It never should have been posted.

  7. She needs to eat something. That would solve a lot of her problems.

  8. I think there are many things that contributed to the split. (IMHO).

    a) She is 80 pounds, and Brad constantly begged her to eat.. She would not eat.

    b) He cheated on Jen w/ Angie while still hitched and several times on his movie sets.

    c) She cheated on the movie(s) she starred in or directed . Also, with women, as the world knows by now that she is BI.

    d) She was constantly traveling to 3rd world countries and sitting in a hovel with a scarf on her head, as she was a goodwill ambassador. She refused to give up this.

    e) The split is NO surprise to me.

  9. Brad is dumb, because only a dumb man would get involved with Jolie.

  10. She is Bi and loves the drugs..When you kiss your blood brother like that, says it all…. Brad loves design and pot… But I feel he is a good dad…Team Brad……

  11. “Wait and See” is exactly what any expert would advise for Shiloh. At 12 years old she is not eligible for any kind of gender assignment surgery, and most doctors would not think hormonal therapy is wise either. She has a few years to mature and see how she feels. It’s a long process and journey, according to those who have taken that journey. So Brad’s “wait and see” approach is how it will go simply by default.

    As for the rest, why does Jen need to constantly remind (or otherwise inform) people SHE broke up with him? Yes, she filed first, but so what? The relationship obviously wasn’t working out, they both were eventually done and needed to let go and the rest is really no one’s business at all. Besides, being dumped by Brad Pitt is not at all the same as being dumped by Sheldon the Bowling Alley Manager. Time to put the ego away and just get on with having a nice life.

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