Lucky you, if you happen to be on Brad and Angelina’s gift list this Christmas, and we can tell you what to expect. The couple custom designed and ordered a large number of $500 gift baskets from The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills to be delivered to friends and business associates in the area. The baskets are stuffed with exotic cheeses, fancy bottles of wine, truffles, designer chocolates, pannetone, candy and other yummy treats. Gift cards were signed “Much love from the Jolie-Pitts”

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  1. Big deal. Nice gift. They need to settle down in the states (or some where) and let those poor kids have a traditional secure family setting. The kids travel around all the time with a bunch of nannies and security. The kids need to make friends and have spend the holiday with family and friends……and not running from one country to another.

    Pitt doesn’t believe in God and Jolie isn’t close with anyone else but her lover and kids. She has no real friends. She’s too freaky.

  2. WTF is it jolie pitt NOT pitt jolie???
    oh never mind…….
    who cares….. why don’t they give adoptions of American foster kids to Americans here who can’t have kids but want them??? now THAT would be a GREAT gift!!!

    the last time brad looked eatable was in meet joe black……. and all that joile has ever goin on is her never ending now boring predictable same old same old freak slightly disguised at the holy mother of mess savior of all chillins not American that have no idea what a real home and stability could possibly be,feel or look like.
    can’t wait for the tabloid kids of these two
    to be exposed and hit the stands…. so ok then buh bye….now dashing thru the fucking snow…..

  3. Where’s the third-world baby? What about a third-world baby? EVERYBODY is expecting a third-world baby! They are the greatest accessories any celebrity could want! They are the Chanel of babies!

  4. the most faking couple of hollywood needed new friends.

  5. Wonder if Mindy Cohn got one?!!! lol…they probably sent her a basket of diamond rings and then a plane ticket to join them for xmas….

  6. Murderous Thanksgiving: NO

    Overly-Commercialized Spending Orgy Masked By Christmas Trees & Little Baby Jesus: YES

    Whatever happened to the knife-wielding, blood-drinking, sex-in-the-limo-having, take-me-as-I-am WILD woman we could accept and understand because she played it so damn straightforward?

    {Sigh} I do not understand this new-fangled Angie.

    I’m so confused. sniff sniff

  7. What about the big diamond ring Brad supposedly has given Angelina? What’s up with that, and who’s Mindy Cohn?

  8. Sign me up for next years list!! For us common folk, this would be an amazing gift to get.

  9. JC,and fellow viewers,

    May the best of the holiday (Holy Days)touch the hearts of you and your families. May the
    joys of peace,happiness, good health,prosperity and abundance continue to enrich our lives.
    All the best to you and yours in 2011!!!

  10. Angie ruined him. He looks so OLD and UNHAPPY. Notice the body language too, it’s clear he isn’t even attracted to her anymore and only stays because he’s been beaten down.

    I agree about the kids. I bet they want nothing more than to spend Christmas with Pitt’s NORMAL family in Missouri. Instead they will be dragged off to another foreign locale where they have nobody.

  11. 2 complete FRAUDS. By the way, when will they come clean about the twins? There is something wrong with those poor kids.

  12. They both look rather grim and severe in that photo.

    If they ever do a new updated version of the Addams Family….

  13. Is he flexing his cheek muscles?
    What’s that shit all over her arm?
    Can you flex your cheek muscles, Sebastion?

  14. Patrick, Of course he is flexing his cheek muscles. That is his schtick.

  15. I’d bet the Jolie Pitts hired out this chore and had nothing to do with actually purchasing these gifts for their associates.

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