Celebrity breakups happen with or without a pandemic, but this famous and attractive couple made headlines when they announced their split out of the blue (we thought they were SO happy!) They promised to make the divorce painless and civil- but THAT didn’t last long, and now the gloves are off! Johnny Depp and Amber Heard might have some competition for Most Embarrassing Divorce. Nasty allegations are about to fly in the custody battle – infidelities, kinky sex games, and drug use! Making it even juicier, the husband’s family is siding with the WIFE and vow to testify against their own son in this split!
A friend of the couple sniped “This is going to be messier than Donald Trump’s hair during a windstorm!”

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  1. Wow, that may end Biden’s presidency hopes. Unbelievable!

  2. Nigel, what custody battle would Biden have? His kids are GROWN ADULTS.

  3. Nigel, grow up! Biden’s family is impressive. Watch the convention. You’ll learn what its like to have empathy and honesty. If any political couple is implied, its the Trumps. And in Sept. Michael Cohen’s book will detail how he went to a Las Vegas Strip Club that specializes in golden showers because Trump wanted that. He will also detail how he lied to Melania about Trump’s extra curricular activity. So looke for Melania throwing in the towel when the Trump nightmare is over!!

  4. Lipp what empathy? The only empathy I saw was directed at rioters not the millions of people who lost their jobs and businesses over the flu hysteria. The convention was just a festival of negativity, racial hatred and anti-Americanism. It was totally gross.

  5. When a showbizzer, in this case the Kabbalist actress Eva Longoria opens a political debate (the DNC), u know all is doomed. Everything is deception, smoke and mirrors, entertainment of the lowest quality, u name it. We do have the power, not them, it has always been so. Now that we want to be slaughtered like sheep, that is another thing and our choice, sadly.

  6. America is doomed. You are right but its because of the racism and corruption on the Right. Steve Bannon is the SEVENTH member of Trump’s inner circle to be indicted or convicted. This time for ripping off easily manipulated people like you to give hard money to build a wall onlly to use that money for cosemetic surgery, expensive boats and income.

    If you can watch that wonderful young man who stuttered and thanked Biden for giving him hope, encouragement and courage, you are hardened, you must be a horrible person.

    The virus is real. You damn, sad fool. Ask Herman Cain, who went to Trump’s super spreader, and is now dead from the virus. YOU CAN’T BECAUSE HE DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH! You overlook the young lady at the convention whose father, a Trump supporter, believed him and fools like you the virus is not real. HE IS DEAD. There are 175,000 deaths and will be close to 300,000 by Dec. if we don’t do something and avoid idiots like you. We can’t travael to the EU, Canada, New Bahamas or Hawaii (without quranteeing for two weeks in the case of Hawaii). And you spread, like Trump, dangerous misinformatioin.

    Shame on you. What a low life.

  7. Lipps, you gotta branch out in where you get your news because for you to say that “Biden’s family is impressive” is down right nuts!! My God you are so misinformed and please don’t reply back by saying oh trump did this trumps family did that, no Lipps I want you to actually stop and look at Biden’s family and ask yourself how could the democrat party lie straight to your face. It is shocking how people hate trump so much that they lose their minds and don’t look at Biden objectively. LOOK AT BIDEN and his FAMILY!!! Ok so you don’t want trump I understand but don’t you think you deserve a better candidate. Please look at Hunter Biden how is a guy who has a heroine addiction, after his brother died of brain cancer started dating his brothers wife, took his brothers id and used it when a cop pulled him over for driving drunk and found to have drugs in the car and then tried to pretend he was his brother, knocked up a strip club dancer and refused to pay child support so the girl took him to court and said he had no money which was a lie (also what’s with his dad joe, is joe Biden, he should have told his son that he should take care of his baby!!! Where are the family values there?!!) (speaking of joe family values he slept with his wife while she was still married to her previous husband) and Hunter also got kicked out of the army because of his drug problem. Then he went with his Dad who was Vice President of the united states at the time on air force 2 and went to China and after ten minutes he got a deal with the Chinese govt to manage over $1,5 billion dollars and he has no experience in that and people who have the absolute best experience in that can’t get that job and China has never ever had anybody do this before. So use your brain and see what that really is, they were giving him that job because who his daddy is. So anybody with half a brain can see that China must have gotten more than $1.5 billion dollars in flavours back else why would they give that much money to someone who has no track record of managing that kind of money, wouldn’t you hire someone who knows that stuff inside out and has done it for years and years? If you have billions of dollars you can hire the absolute beat people in the world to do the work for you Hunter is not even in the top 10,000 people who can do this stuff. So American citizens were sold out by Biden its that simple and Hunter got other sweetheart deals like this worth millions of dollars! And this was before his baby mamma took him to court. And did I mention that while he was fighting in court with her about the baby (that is definitely his dna tests were done) he is living in a fancy expensive house driving Porsche and and eating at the most expensive restos. We are paying for that!!! I don’t understand how people aren’t annoyed at that. Oh and look at Joe’s brothers sweet life he has an island in the Bahamas apparently, just learning about that now. But basically lipps just take time to look at Hunter. And know that that his Dad of course is going to continue to make him richer and richer with deals like this because he has never ever said it was wrong and his son is supposedly still on the board of directors with no experience and making money from that. You are paying for hunters sweet life. Wake up!! So you hate trump don’t let it blind you that the Democrat party is trying to sell you a president who is like this!

  8. Max quite drinking the KoolAid and listening to Fox. indicated the Hunter China scandal you believe has no substance. Trump made it up with No facts. But Kushner and Trump jr.. were found to be possibly be criminally liable for their part in the Russia scandal asreported in the bi-partison Senate Investrigation report just released. Hunter Biden willNOT be in the White House like Trump’s unqualified family is. Trump lies. He looks the other way when Qanon complements him. He spouts crazy conspiracy theories like Birthierism, the non-extent tape of Muslim cheering the downing of the twin towers or the caravans of Mexicans csrrying small pox that miraculously disappeared right after the 2016 election. He doesn’t have a healthcare plan but he said 4 weeks ago he would have one in two weeks. Where the hell is it? He is a con and a madman. Miles Taylor, a lifelong Republican, is blowing the whistle on his incompetence and danger to our national security. Miles was chief of staff in Homeland Security is coming out now shouting we better wake up. That means YOU TOO Max. WAKE UP!

  9. I’m glad you looked Lipps, I posted a second comment, but for some reason it is not showing up. I got the message, duplicate post, and it still didn’t show up, I have been checking but it is still not up. weird. it’s frustrating because it was also a long post and I don’t feel like rewriting it again. But you should re read your source more carefully as in the details it shows he was involved, sitting on the board, etc. and look at other sources and you will see, a fun one to read is the new York post article and there are tons more. also look at the background, it will make you laugh. I try to look at multiple reputable sources and I don’t include fox or cnn in there. so if you say trump made it up did he make up Ukraine too, all the Ukraine stuff happened before trump was in office, and if you believe the stuff about trump and Ukraine I would suggest you go back and actually watch the impeachment trial, what a joke that was.actually listen to the witnesses it was hilarious. Hunter doesn’t need to be in the white house, he gets to make millions and not do anything. Meanwhile Ivanka Trump was actually helping working on bills to help women who have suffered from trafficking and rape and women in 3rd world countries with entrepreneurship.
    trump is helping with healthcare in that he is reducing drug prices look into it, it’s going to be a big deal, he also got rid of people having to pay the fine for them not wanting to be in Obamacare, he also put in legislation to make it that pharmacies have to tell people if there is a cheaper alternative drug, before the drug companies didn’t allow them to do this, he also mandated it that drs have to give patients an estimate of their bill so they can shop around, he also made it that people can shop across state lines for their insurance so they can get better deals, he also made it so vets can go to any healthcare provider so they don’t have to wait and they can send the govt the bill and he made it so that now nurses and caretakers that were abusing vets can be fired before they couldn’t be, and there is more that he has done too. facts all facts. and re birther that is fun stuff, I watched this guy phil valentine talk about it not sure if it’s true or not, but you should watch how he goes over Obama’s birth record, they guy might be a loon, who knows. and I’ve seen the stuff too about the dancing guys at 911, who knows if that stuff is true or not, I saw the stuff david icke wrote, who knows if he is a crazy one too, but in reading it he mentioned that site where there are thousands of actual engineers who show about the structure of the buildings. I don’t know who is telling the truth about 911 but read david ickes last book triggered, the guy might be crazy when he talks about all the reptilian stuff but look at the stuff about the simulations that that were taking place on the same day as 911 happened and the set up of those simulations, you can’t make that stuff up. and some of the other facts, it was interesting. and it was interesting to hear what trump said about the building structure and compare that to what the engineers said. and also when you look at the birther thing also look at the fact that Obama had over 25 social insurance numbers that was interesting, and the part about where his parents house was located and also the fact that he voluntarily gave up his law title and then accepted an honorary one, that is bizarre. I just find this stuff interesting, not like anything will come of it. IF you are looking at people look at what rick grenel says, look at what is actually happening with the prescription drug prices, that is undeniable, reducing those prices, the laws he has put in where americans can’t be charged way more for the same drug that is sold to other countries for way cheaper is going to greatly improve the medical health of all americans because they will be able to afford their prescriptions, and look back he tried to improve healthcare before but he needed all the republicans to vote for it and all but one did vote for it McCain voted against it so it didn’t pass, blame him, meanwhile trump has been using executive orders to help fix the medical problems as I have said before, and he’s been also cleaning up the system to help small businessees look at what kevin oleary has said. You seem like a nice, passionate person Lipps, but look at the facts.

  10. oops, can’t believe I didn’t also write this down because it is a huge one, Trump also did an executive order called right to try, I remember watching the signing, this is a huge one, basically if you are sick and there is a drug that might save you but it hasn’t passed the clinical trials and the clinical trials won’t be over probably till it’s too late for you, this executive order he passed made it so that you can actually be allowed to take the drug. You should look up on youtube the signing of this bill it was very sweet, there was a cute little blond boy that hugged him and Trump gave a really nice speech at the time. This thing is really fantastic because imagine you have been given the diagnosis that you are going to die, but there is an actual drug that looks promising that might be able to save you but up until now you weren’t allowed to take it, so now you can, maybe will work maybe it won’t but you were going to die anyways so why not try, so many people wanted this and Trump made it happen he negotiated a deal to make it happen. Trust me this is something amazing, no matter how much you hate trump this is really really good. That is what is annoying to read that oh Trump is a jerk, blah blah blah, meanwhile he has actually done some great things to help people like this. He also wrote an amazing executive order protecting domestic animals, I love animals and this order is amazing, hate him all you want but he has done some good things with regard to these bills you can’t deny that!!!

  11. and double check Miles Taylors facts:
    Cybersecurity or Domestic Terrorism: trump has blocked Huawei – look into that, that is all about cyber security, and look at tiktok too. also look at what he did about the Russian spies in usa and what he did about the ivy league professors who were giving all the info to china. listen to what mike Pompeo says about the threats and what trump has done to combat them not this low level guy. and if you don’t believe he is trying to improve security look at the fact that he is trying to get voter id! and look at domestic terrorism look what he is doing about ms13 ! I mean god look at all he is doing to get rid of ms13 those guys are horrible!! Look at what he did about Chaz/Chop. look at kate’s law, there are so many examples.
    and about the Coronavirus Pandemic, look at the testing structures built and how they set up to work with all the independent labs, that was a first and look at how he put in the order that forced all the businesses that were hording ppe stuff that they had to hand it over or face fines, look how many companies and people who were hording n95 masks, and the usa has done more testing than all of Europe combined and is supplying equipment to other countries. sorry the things that miles says are bad don’t add up. of course there are never trumpers in the whitehouse, look at what he is saying and compare it to facts again!! Biden called trump a racist for stopping the flights from china, if biden had been president more infected people would have come in so it would have spread more.

  12. Isn’t this about a celebrity breakup and not politics? Brian G and Megan F

  13. Max, The house just passed a bill to save the post office and our mail. It was a blow out vote and a rebuke of Trump. Well over 10 Republicans supported this because there are some that worry Trump is unhinged and hurting fellow Americans. The crazy President is now saying there is a deep state in our government with NO evidence. This is nuts and dangerous. And yes this is a gossip site, but these are extrodinary times. Our democracy is at stake and we have ignorant people speading lies on this site. If enough of thes sick people say these crazy things, we may not have a gossip site as they are considered by and large liberals. Sorry, but if people are not getting informed now, it will be too late later.

  14. I feel VERY vindicated. Mary Trump Trump’s niece, just released an audio of Trump’s sister recorded in 2018 where she states he is liar, doesn’t read, has no principles, he’s cruel, cannot be triusted and verified he paid someone to take his SATs so he could get into Wharton. This is from Maryanne who is a federal judge until she just retired. ITS’ ON TAPE IN HER VOICE!!!!

    MAX, please respond.

  15. Lips! You can’t go on suspending disbelief that the Dems are anything but corrupt AND dangerous to American/Western values. They are the party of globalization and open borders which would be ruinous to the economy and livelihoods with proven ridiculous green policies. Our way of life. These people are deranged and corrupt. Watch Michael Moores latest doc. It’s all a lie.
    Use the force young Padewan. Reject the dark side.

  16. Lipps, the far left is openly calling for the genocide of white people. How can you support that? What kind of person are you? Seriously!!!

  17. MARY, I appreciate your response. The fact is the NY Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. According to Allsides and Media Bias Fact Check, it is NOT an objective source. “Pace University concluded the NY Post “is the least credible major news outlet in New Yoourk. It was the ONLY news outlet to receive more responses calling it ‘not credible’ than credible.

    The sad thing is the right wing responses are not based on reality, over the top and not based on verifiable facts. That’s sad. The danger in that is bigoted, ignorant people can lash out and spread conspiracy theories that our ignorant and bigoted Cheater in Chief gives national attention to. Qanon and Pizzagate and the Deep state are among the dangerous tropes that are tearing our country apart.

  18. the county is going to hell in a hand basket and trump was talking about his HAIR can’t get it clean in the shower, not enough water pressure!!!!!!!!

    he thought HIS HAIR was IMPORTANT at this time….so glad he has his priorities straight (sarcasm)

  19. Couple of really good blind items lately Janet, keep them coming!

  20. To have Border Rat Eva Longoria opening any event means it isn’t much of an event.

  21. Strom, you are a xenophobic loser. I’m no fan of Eva Longoria and very much agree that she is a poor choice to open anything much less a convention, but to call her a border rat is completely making you look more pathetic and like a threatened dumb white person.

    Eva longoria is American, just like the majority of blacks people living in this country are American. I hate ignorant people who think that whites have the only claim on being American, and at this point it’s pretty embarrassing to be an American anyway. This country is full of stupidity, China is now the strongest economic power, we are not a strong nation like we once were, so all of you dummies can get distracted by right and left, Democrat and republican, but the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what party is in office, we are country facing a huge deficit not only economically but we are no longer educating our young to ensure we become a great country once again. If you’re not rich in this country, you’re f-ed!

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