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This should be a consolation to all high school girls who assume they will never grow up to be glamorous. In 2002, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively attended Burbank High School and she had not yet blossomed into the leading lady she was to become. However, she WAS a cheerleader so the spark was there. With the help of her orthodontist, she went on to become not only a TV and movie star, but the face of Chanel – perhaps the most envied accomplishment of all.


  1. This pic is almost identical to my 2 daughters. They too, had over crowding and needed braces. What wonders braces do, now they both have the most amazing beautiful smiles. Their beautiful smiles now match their loving hearts & wonderful spirits!!

  2. She’s a bit of a “butterface”. Her kegs are what Men and Women adore.

  3. Muffie, I just took my youngest for a full set of braces last week. I teased her on the way home, Sophie, you’ve got red hair, freckles, braces and glasses, you’re the whole package.
    Daaad, she whimpered.
    I gave her lots of love and hugs after that.

  4. Kitty, I agree. Nose job and dental work, and a bad nose job at that (too pinched). She must have been born under a lucky *star*, because there are many more starlets much prettier. She is 6 feet or more in heels. Ask her many lovers what her hidden talents are.

  5. We are comparing high school photos to someone that is at least 6 years older and has gone through the Hollywood machine??
    That’s kind of a “mean girls” thing to do isn’t it? Not everyone likes their high school photos and not everyone took a good photo. There’s a lot of personal growth takes place in 6 years.

    I’m not a big fan of Lively but she was cute in her high school photo.

  6. I too think her high school photo shows a very cute and natural girl.

    Patrick, as Muffie!! says above, and as I found with my daughter, just tell Sophie that her smile will be even more beautiful when the braces have done their work. She sounds like a cutie already.

  7. So who else needs braces?

    Hilary Swank
    Jessica Biel

  8. Patrick, soon enough you will be having to beat the boys off with a stick! Your girl sounds like my daughters bff. Are you sure you don’t live nearby?

  9. It the rumours are true she’s been passed around like a dip at a Hollywood Poker Game among A List Directors/Actors.

  10. Denise, Sophie will be like her mother. Stunningly gorgeous, a mesmerizing smile and always the prettiest girl in the room.
    The most beautiful person I have ever seen.
    Next to myself.

  11. Patrick: I always thought Sophie was the cutest name ever.

  12. I agree with chris. Blake is just one of multitudes of starlets who jump from man to man, like playing musical chairs.

  13. That’s how most of them get to be “stars”, probably including the male stars too.

  14. Call me crazy but I LOVE Blake’s natural look? Quirky and individualistic..Now days everybody has the same teeth, same nose..there’s no personality. There’s something to say about an untouched face.

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