Frankly, we’ll be surprised if Beyonce and Jay Z split up any time soon. Their business and financial lives will be a nightmare to untangle and as a power couple, they have more clout that they would separately. But this couple is so secretive, we weren’t even sure they were married until weeks after the fact! Keeping that in mind, the New York Post says that Beyonce may be secretly shopping for a new apartment. In June she looked at a 21.5 million dollar penthouse in Chelsea, and she did it very quietly. Jay Z is usually in charge of real estate deals for the couple, and he was nowhere in sight. The source pointed out that it’s very improbable that this expensive penthouse would be for Beyonce’s sister or mother. Is Beyonce considering leaving Jay Z? Only time will tell…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


14 thoughts on “BEYONCE’S GOT A SECRET

  1. I can’t stand those two phonies who live a totally vapid materialistic life. Don’t they know they could be struck down at any time, by a mental looney or a drunk driver or a strange bacteria. Their billion $$ won’t help then.

  2. The Street Pimp and Street drug dealer Jayzee should be in prison.

  3. I could never understand the public’s attraction of these two. I don’t care for their music or really anything about them. I must be missing something, I guess.

  4. I’m soooo sick of hearing about these two masters of lies. Totally fake.

    I couldn’t possible care any less about these two chuckleheads.

    I guess in Obama’s Amerika a drug dealer can become super wealthy. I’ve worked all my life and can’t find a job now. Maybe I should go deal drugs…

  5. “Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls.” so says POTUS. So he’s okay with his daughters parting their legs while nearly nude on a stool in front of the public? Wow, just, wow.

  6. Apparently that’s what Obama sees as a legitimate future for his girls.

  7. Please pardon me, but dare I say it!!
    The statement made by POTUS is Not a recent statement. ” Mrs. Carter” has traveled a long, and different path since The President acknowledged her as a role model. I can easily believe that the best role models for our children continue to be from parents who care and take time with our children. So-called entertainers, are Not the absolute picture of stability for any parent’s child. PEACE!!

  8. For Obama and EEOC BLACKS Beyoncé is the true role model.

    Herman Cain should have been the role model but he told BLACKS to stop complaining and get a job. This advice did not sit well with them.

    Droopy pants, gold chains and a white g/f is the ideal for many a BLACK man!

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