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Beyonce is looking down on Tokyo from a prominent position while she rakes in the bucks in Japan. She’s bigger than life in giant ads plastered on tall buildings around the city. Also featured in the ads is Japanese popstar Takuya Kimura, who is in the popular group SMAP. The ads, for the exclusive handbag company Samantha Thavasa, will only appear in Japan, as is the custom.



  1. Only in naive Japan can this ghetto house woman sell her wares. She is universally ridiculed in the rest of the World. No wonder the rest of the world makes fun of the Americans and their false idols.

  2. The correct spelling of his name is Takuya Kimura, not Kumura. However, he is known by his nickname of Kimtaku. He is not considered a “rockstar”. His group SMAP is very, very famous, but they are not a rock group. They are more of a Japanese pop group. They have a weekly variety show on TV that is extremely popular. Many American celebs come on the show when they come to Japan including Micheal Jackson a couple of years ago and Madonna last year. Kimtaku stands out of the group because of his good-looks, style, dancing, and overall charisma. He has also had success on several TV dramas here and is also known has a great actor.
    He is without doubt one of the most famous actors in Japan, if not the most famous. Definitely A-List in Japan.

  3. The Japs must like big fat asses. If they do, then they should dump Beyonce and fixate on Kim Kardashian and J-Lo….they’ll get more bang for their butt….er I mean buck. lol

  4. The correct spelling of his name is Michael Jackson, not Micheal. However, he is known by his nickname of Jacko. He is not considered a “rockstar”. He is very, very famous, but he is not a rock singer. He is more of an American pop singer.

  5. Tokyo G, next time Madonna goes to your country, keep her there PLEASE!

  6. She must have very low self esteem for marrying a thug that will continue to cheat on her and lets not forget violent, he punched a woman on camera.

  7. side note: Why does Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama look like she is holding three marshmallows between her lower lip and bottom teeth? Is that what is called an underbite?

  8. Thank you Tokyo G! If you get any more news on American celebrities in Japan. let me know!

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