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This photo of Beyonce, taken before she became pregnant, has created QUITE a stir because she appears to be white. It’s not the first time Beyonce has been accused to lightening her skin tone. In 2008 she was featured in a L’Oreal make up ad and the cosmetic company was criticized for digitally lightening her skin. Beyonce’s lack of pigment in this recent photo has started the fuss all over again.



  1. Skin tone aside, I would never recognise THE FACE as being hers. Doesn’t look ANYTHING like her. Perhaps THAT is why the skintone doesn’t quite match up.

    Also, I believe photoshopping for magazines and pictures like this for advertisements should be banned. It is false, fake, untrue, bullshit, and most of the time the finished product makes the people look not even human, but waxlike, or worse. See the recent Kardashian Christmas “card” for a blazing example of this. NO ONE in that thing looked like who they are. Including the BABY!

    PS: A bit sick of her in the “blonde” hair.

  2. Ha what a joke and it shows that they hate their race and all long to be white. Totally false advertising.

  3. Fools this is a PUBLICITY STUNT plain and simple don’t make it more than it is!

  4. “taken before she became pregnant”

    Anyone here who still believes she was pregnant for real? Puhleeze…

  5. I’m with Reta, I would have never guessed the face as Beyonce’s. If I had to guess, I would have said Rhianna.

  6. They must seriously be ashamed of their color. The BLACKS go apeshit anytime a white person appears in blackface. There is really no difference in this when a BLACK woman has the color of her skin all washed and appears in whiteface. Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

    If Beyonce continues to appear white very often BLACK Morgan Freeman will be hot on her heels and putting every move he has on her.

  7. Great project for Photoshop class…turn Oprah white…turn Queen Latifah and her “trainer” white, turn the First Lady white…there would be riots in all the ‘hoods.

  8. No one goes ape shit more than our resident race baiter Strom. That title probably had him creaming in his pants.

  9. I also didnt recognize her, thought it was Lady Gaga.

    But to be fair, this image is extensively retouched.
    He skin appears lighter but look at her waist and her thighs in this pic.

  10. Once again the so called “hammer” does service as a true enabler. EEOC is alive and well at JC.

  11. True, much more GaGa like than the real B, who is very heavy in the hips and is this light skinned only in her dreams.

  12. It’s obvious she is jealous of Rihannas career, body and face. Where beyonce is dull and obese, Rihanna is perfection, a true beuty that isn’t married to the ugliest, stupidest man in entertainment.

    Beyawnce and her man are ghetto divers, they dive into their ghetto fans pockets when they want a dollar.

  13. Another distraction from the preggo fraud.
    The “miscarriage” was bs, if she doens’t even wanna be black what makes you think she wants her man’s genes in a baby.
    Celebs are now having designer babies, why stop at surrogacy when you can have other peoples physical and mental traits.

  14. Additinaly I will never believe she popped that baby out herself unless I see undoctored video of her squeezing that baby camel out naturally. Lol, btw this isn’t camels first baby. And beyonce better watch it because he’s a woman beater, google the video of him punching a young damsel in the face! Outrageous coon!

  15. Has anybody noticed Jen Garner has been pregnant twice as long as Bey?

  16. This is why I haven’t bought a womens’ magazine in years. That person is completely unrecognizable as anybody we have ever seen before. They remove all semblance of anything that makes the person look unique. When has Bey ever been this slim, this light, ridiculous wig, the list goes on and on.

  17. Well noone should be jealous of Ri Ri the big headed mostly lesbian…I will stand in B’s corner on that one but still wonder where all the racist enablers have run to as “Bey does Whiteface” comes to a tv screen near you.

  18. I thought it was Rihanna at first. I was shocked to find out it was Beyonce. It is terribly sad that Beyonce seems to be ashamed of her skin color. Sad indeed.

    Way to show all the young, dark skinned girls how to be proud of their color Beyonce!

  19. I thought it was Rihanna too. Never would have thought it was Beyonce. Interesting. Wonder if it was suppose to look like Rihanna. ???

  20. Apparently it matters if you’re black. And want to look white. And no, nobody is fooled the fake pregnancy.

  21. Nice Strom-and-Mel-baiting post, Janet. Of all the stories you could have posted, you chose this one because you know these two snivelling asshairs will crawl out from under their rocks and spew their crap all over the boards. Bad traffic is better than no traffic at all, I guess.

  22. This looks nothing like her. She’s lovely, why would she do this? Maybe to distract from the baby?

  23. Amazing barb from Lez, sorry, Liz. But maybe point out any inaccuracy instead of just a rant.

  24. do you people seriously think she’s in the editing room playing with the photoshop? Maybe it’s L’Oreal that has a problem with her color

  25. This “color correction” is very upsetting to me, but heck, it’s what more and more famous black folks are doing. Of course, is it any different than me straightening my hair, or getting it colored to hide the gray? Anyway, posters, search “Oprah 60 Minutes” on Youtube and you’ll see how dark she was back in the day. Michael Jackson, as we all know, lightened his skin big time,so did Halle Berry, and I think even Whoopi Goldberg has done it. W/ more and more sophisticated bleaching products out there, we’re going to see this trend more and more. In a way, it’s nothing new: the African-American community has LONG had a caste system of its own in terms of light skinned (Gayle King) and dark skinned… It would be interesting to get Chris Rock’s take on this! Sad.

  26. When white people go to tanning salons, sit in the sun, lip collagen, but injections is it just called plastic surgery or enhancements? Why is that not called trying to be black?

  27. Hello, although you pose a good point. It isn’t the white people that are complaining that they are treated unequally because of the color of their skin. Besides that, Beyonce is supposed to be a positive role model for black women around the globe not a phony airbrushed image. IMO

  28. It’s just not Beyonce. We all want to look good, but what is the point if we don’t look like ourselves? I also don’t get all the fake hair. I’d love to see Beyonce’s hair without extensions, without major texture adjustments. Why do black women have such hair shame?

  29. Oh, and can you imagine if they HADN’T printed her name in huge letters over the picture?!

  30. Shiny object over here, creating distraction with skin color to sell you recycled album you didn’t buy the first time and hope you lose interest in the biggest pregnancy hoax ever.

  31. For those who believe her pregnancy was a hoax — and I don’t have an opinion either way — why wouldn’t she and hubby just announce that they have adopted a baby? Why pretend? Celebs who adopt gets lots of PR, too! 🙂

  32. Muffie who told you she represents black woman around the world?!?!? She is just entertainer from texas that married an ugly hood rat from brooklyn.

    Well whites usually are friendly to lighter skin blacks. Not really into darker sambos. Whites proved this in colonization of blacks in africa, slavery, tv, movies, the continue colonization or radther eugenics of blacks in africa for their resources such as land, mineral and oil.

  33. well, SHE STILL THINKS THAT WAY, folks.
    that’s why even her hairs are blond.

  34. Hello, the buyers who put out 1/2 billion of their hard earned $$$ make her a role model. That is the responsibility that goes along with being a celebrity and taking peoples money. It is fraud for her to present a false image of herself.

  35. i would never have known it was Beyonce – soo airbrushed. Wierd. With her wigs too, who knows what she really looks like.

  36. wow beyonce.. what a let down i honestly couldnt believe my eyes when i read on here that beyonce was on the cover of that mag.. i immediately knew it was rihanna but i was immediately wrong. yup the white supremacy is definately tryna turn bey white (or all the way white cus she is mixed) but yea.. & about this “pregnancy” of hers & ugly but jay-z.. i believe it was a hoax as well. I dont believe that beyonce was ever pregnant because she wore fake baby bumps. Like who does that for real in hollywood? no one.. n she just didnt seem pregnant she seemed as herself in her interviews & stuff. i believe she got a surrogate mother to have her & jay’s baby.

  37. They must seriously be ashamed of their color. The BLACKS go apeshit anytime a white person appears in blackface. There is really no difference in this when a BLACK woman has the color of her skin all washed and appears in whiteface. Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

    If Beyonce continues to appear white very often BLACK Morgan Freeman will be hot on her heels and putting every move he has on her.

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