Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards, 42, and her adorable little girl Portia, 3, were seen shopping for Portia’s 3rd birthday. Kyle, (the Housewife with the hot husband) and Mauricio Umansky, have been married 14 years and have two other daughters – Alexia, 14, and Sophia,11. It’s complicated, but Paris’s mother Kathy Hilton is Kyle’s half-sister. Kyle wants one more child but Mauricio is reportedly nervous about the financial ramifications. Understandable, since he’s in the currently volatile real estate business.


  1. Portia looks like her handsome dad, Mauricio Umansky. The Richards sisters (Kathy, Kim and Kyle) all have that odd nose. Paris even has it.

    Hope Kyle’s daughters don’t inherit their mother’s bitchy, “better-than-you & will stab you in the back” attitude. After Kyle publicly humilated poor Kim Richards, I can’t stand to look her. I think Kyle and Camille should be locked up in a cheap run down trailer (like those square trailer park houses) and forced to live there and shop at the local dollar stores.

  2. Walt, I don’t agree with you. Kyle was truly dunbfounded by crazy Camille’s antics in New York and tried over and over to get it out of her what had happened to no avail. Kyle is actually the most normal of them all in that she cares for her own family. I like her, and her sister Kim has a very very obvious alcohol problem.
    This family is lovely and full of love for eachother. As for having another baby, I don’t know. I can see it both ways. She already HAS a big family, but I can understand how she wants another child to grown up with the yound baby. Too bad it takes so long to adopt.

  3. Hey Reta. Clearly Kyle and Camille have no love for one another. I absolutely detest Camille.

    I thought Kyle was the normal one until I saw how she interacted with her older sister, Kim. Yes, Kim is a boozer. Hopefully, she will get help. To me, Kyle always acts as though she is better (as in uppity) than Kim. I was astonished at how Kyle treated Kim in front of Kyle’s friends. If she feels better about herself by putting down Kim, she should at least do it when there isn’t an audience of her (Kyle’s) friends around.

  4. If you read the boards, Kyle and Taylor are more hated than Camille…although Camille is still hated. Kyle and Taylor are your typical mean girls, and as the show progressed it became apparent that they lived in glass houses and shouldn’t be throwing stones.

    Also, I don’t think that the oldest daughter is fathered by Mauricio…I think she’s from a previous marriage.

  5. Sorry, all three daughters pictured are fathered by Mauricio. She has another daughter,
    Farrah (born 1988), from a previous marriage with Guraish Aldjufrie.

  6. yep, the loser looks are hers.

  7. You are wrong,Janet.All her daughters look like their dad.

  8. Wow if it isn’t Kunty Kyle and her klan. Several people mentioned that Kim is an alcoholic. Well that can be said of Kyle also. Kyle drank herself silly the entire season. So if Kim is an alcholic then so is Kunty Kyle.

  9. I don’t recall seeing Kyle drunk during this season. Yes, she had wine while having dinner, or with her friends. They had limos to take them back also, so they weren’t going to be driving. She takes care of her own children and house. When she was being “bitchy” it was due to the idiotness of the hideous Camille who was jealous beyond belief of her and her relationship with her husband. Also when she got beyond fed up with her drunkard crazy sister and FINALLY let her have it (YEAH!) and told her off in the limo, yes, it WAS over the top, and even wrong of her, but completely understandable because Kim started it, and HAD been fucking with Kim thru the whole season in setting Camille against her behind her back. Kim NEVER had her sister’s back, and it also came out that Kyle and her husband were supporting Kim and Kyle said all that was going to STOP!
    I don’t blame Kyle at all. For what she had been doing for this sister and then to be publicly treated that way is unforgivable. I back Kyle and her family all the way.

  10. What astonishing selfishness for any couple to have that many children. They are a drain on the planet. One child per parent. Period.

  11. Kyle are you posting as Reta on this site? Seems like the alcohlic issue is a trigger for you. Kyle has a quick temper (one sign of alcoholism) over seemingly small issues. Kyle IS A HEAVY DAILY Drinker. So next time you throw anybody under the bus, start with yourself!!!! Reta, oh I mean Kyle.

  12. I liked all of the women on beverly hills housewives, but I really did not like how kyle attacked kim, that was the ugliest thing I think I have ever seen a person do to another on television. it was just so angry, raw, degrading to do that to someone else let alone your own sister, can we say deep seeded issues between these two sisters. kim was clearly the most succesful actress of the two sisters. I dont know if that could be an issue for kyle but kim clearly has a problem with her friend alcohol. but that was just ugly what kyle did in that limo and when leaving camilles party making kim go in a car by herself.
    but yes kyles husband is handsome, he is a mexican jew and lots of them look like that,there is a population of over 1 million mexican jews living in Mexico.
    and btw I think Lisa was trying to tell us all that tyler was a great source of trouble between camille and kyle and kyle and kim. I think I agree with that too.

  13. btw I think kyle resembles demi moore a great deal.

  14. Why is Kyle holding Salma Hayek’s daughter?

  15. @ Rita,aka kyle, honey you can,t even hide your true colors can you? dumb one, keep putting kim,and chamille,down miss high and mighty your CRAP just haven.caught up with you yet. oh but dear it will. karma got name with KYLE on it.

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