Bette Midler is in for a SHOCK! She’s been enjoying incredible record breaking success with her one woman show “I’ll Eat You Last” on Broadway and in Los Angeles. The show deals with powerful Hollywood agent Sue Mengers who was an unforgettable character and best friends with her client Barbra Streisand. (We remember selling them clothes – Barbra was several sizes smaller than Sue and liked to rub it in). Anyway, Bette hopes to turn this iconic role into a movie for herself but it won’t be easy. We hear that sneaky Barbra Streisand has been in secret talks to buy the rights for HERSELF. She figures Sue Mengers was HER friend, after all! Watch out, Bette!
Above, Barbra, Jerry Seinfeld, and Bette at a Jewish History Museum event in Philadelphia.)


  1. Sue M. was the sneaky jew as well. She changed her name from the absolute Yiddish to something that could be considered even a gentile.

    Was her murder ever solved? Jews at play over $$$$$$.

  2. Strom, please let us know if there is anyone, anyone at all, that you like. Start the list with your name first. You must already be stymied.

  3. Poor Bluejay…..always a change of subject to make it about a poster.

    Even with all the work, Bab’s breasts have taken a fall….now seem to be resting at about her navel height.

  4. Barbra Streisand is one FUGLY woman. I’ve never understood her appeal, but that’s just my opinion. Bette looks like she’s always smiling. I love her. Have since The Rose.

  5. How secret can it be if I’m sitting here reading about it thousands of miles from Hollywood? Who writes this crap.

  6. Nothing like 2 amazingly talented people ( and god forbid women, let alone jewish on top!) to bring out this kind of bs patriarchial pit women against other women “gossip”. Not to mention the profound insight of racist xenophobe small minds.

    Hey Strom why not blame the BILLIONAIRES who own Hollywood and everything else in this world, including you! I’ve got some shocking news for you (outside of the Rothschilds, the rest AREN’T Jewish!)

  7. Poor Trudy….never mentioned a Jewish ownership conspiracy. Nope, it is greed in the blood of Shylock Babs….she will knife a yid quicker than a gentile for pleasure. Bette is no piker either and uses her Jewishness whenever it will help but no one can compare to how Babs does it for her own benefit.

    Note that all 3 on stage here could be wearing the Star of David.

    Even Paula Abdul has been playing the jewish card as her career has floundered but she combined it with affairs with BLACKS which wont help.

  8. Poor Trudy,

    Not a word on the thread but a spew of hate about posters and fawning over these Yentel’s that care not a whit about anything but $$$.

  9. Bette is more suitable to portray Sue Meyers beloved personality type, loyal, generous, funny, sassy and wise.. Barbara is over-hyped pushy., farcial abrasive and overbearing rude., who would want to spend time and money, share with her their private thoughts?

  10. Who the hell would pay to see Streisand … or indeed even Midler portraying Mengers…. she’s only of interest to those of the Judaic persuasion anyway….
    ….and Barbra is a chunt even at the best of times!

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