We almost didn’t recognize Beth Chapman without her husband Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman. She went out with her girlfriends for the evening and she usually tarts herself up and shows a LOT more skin. In fact, she looks like a normal person tonight.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Fried hair, orange-crepe skin, and implants larger than her head. Definitely NOT my kind of woman!

  2. If I were a betting man, I’d put her at 250, 260 easily. I wonder how much their grocery bill is?

  3. Dick, you are a very unkind man. What hateful comments! I am proud to be large and in charge. I love my curves. Men look at me all the time!

  4. Large Marge, I’m sure if men look at you all the time they must be looking at all the cakes and pies you put in your grocery cart.

  5. Men do look at large women and if she has a baby we wonder “who was banging that?”

  6. Bob, you are a hateful man to think things like that. You just wish you had a real woman like me.

  7. Actually, very large women have no shortage of wealthy and generous suitors. Beth might not be big enough for that particular category.

  8. If she had a breast reduction she would not look that big, she is all boobs. This is the best I have seen her, when will women realize they don’t always have to display them on a plate

  9. She does have a pleasant and fairly pretty face. If she got a boob job reduction and toned up at the gym, she would be a knockout. She obviously has big bones and can never be a skinny minnie. Lots of men like only large size women (that may be because their mommy was large and they sucked on large tits).

  10. The problem isn’t only her body. It is her big fat mouth that I cannot stand . She was taunting a girl in one episode and the girl started calling her Miss Piggy ..which in Beth’s case would be a compliment . It was edited out of later episodes .

  11. I don’t care if she’s a large marge. Dog must love those big ol udders.

    It is her nasty disposition that is repulsive. I agree with Diane that the problem is her mouth not her carriage.

  12. so america is used to fat failures like these who try some dusters?

  13. It looks like she’s dreaming of porkchops and mashed potatoes with lots of gravy.

  14. Sad to see so much hate and judgment. She looks great. I don’t think any of you would find this funny if it was one of your loved one’s being berated for their weight, skin color, hair color, whatever. Be nice! No point in being other wise. Beth, looking amazing!

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