We can only IMAGINE how hurt and humiliated Rihanna must feel after Chris Brown dumped her with the dismissive “I can’t be focused on wife-ing somebody that young.” Has he forgotten what Rihanna went through after he beat her up? She forgave him and continued for YEARS to quietly love him and miss him and avoid other relationships. Advisors told her NOT to see him again. But she waited and stayed secretly in touch with Chris, convinced he was the love of her life. Eventually time passed and they did famously reunite (many people were turned off by her decision) but it didn’t take long for Chris to get bored and he returned to his caddish ways.


  1. Who cares,,,,they both are ghetto and she is more of a lesbo than after a man anyway.

  2. I still think Chris is a piece of shit, but Rihanna deserves whatever she gets after going back to him. Sorry, but I can sympathize with a woman who is beaten by her boyfriend, but if she goes back to him, she’s virtually saying to him, ‘do it again, I don’t mind!’ Stupid, stupid woman.

  3. pulling the nails out of her hands is his next step.

  4. I don’t know what she expected. I agree with @shelby that it’s impossible to sympathize with a woman who is that stupid.

  5. He will end up beating on the “wrong” woman and get it back. As far as Ri goes she is no different than millions of women that return to the beater thinking “he didn’t mean to do it and I love him”. Who knows?

  6. she said her father was abusive to her mother – so it’s been handed down. Hopefully, she’ll learn when he dumps her for a better version.

  7. A simple solution for Rihanna if she wants to get revenge:

    Hire a beauty who is a karate/judo expert. Have her seduce him and then instruct her to badmouth him or say something that will pi** him off. With his temper, he will start beating up on her. At that time the hired beauty will use her expertise to kick his ass but good and give him a few bruises. No one would convict her for self-defense with his record.

    Of course, Rihanna is probably still “too much in love” to do this. Good luck on that.What a dumb broad she is, no pity here.

  8. This street hood should be in prison. But then his Jewish overlords would make no money.

  9. I wanted to see him redeem himself, but he kept f***king it all up with his arrogance and foolish decisions.
    She is only acting like so many abused people do; trying to understand him and help him out of his self-made problems with unselfish love. Unfortunately, she can’t save him, but she can sure save herself! Now that he’s gone, she can make herself strong and break the chains of abusive relationships.
    I find them both quite talented people; they are extremely good looking, great singers and fabulous entertainers, but that’s not enough to make a relationship work. She will hurt for a while, but will bounce back. Chris’s future will not be so bright.

  10. sherry lynee
    On May 9, 2013 at

    This street hood should be in prison. But then his Jewish overlords would make no money
    Shame on this bigot-racist this all this person could think of was to spread hate?

  11. I think Sherry Lynee is Strom, in drag. Same ignorant one track mind. SL scapegoats every issue IN THE WORLD to Jewish people. Strom can simplistically relate everything to anal sex, blacks, women, the poor, and other non-white people. It must be nice to have such a simple one track mind… no matter how ignorant or wrong you are on EVERY issue!

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