Barbra Streisand is just beginning her European tour and she was photographed arriving at her hotel in Amsterdam. Her cute son Jason Gould and her half-sister Roslyn Kind are both performing onstage with Barbra. Streisand brought her beloved dogs along for the ride and Jason his helping her bring them into the hotel while a crowd gathers to watch.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. She could feed many a poor child and send them to a improved school with new shoes and clothes on the money she wasted hauling her dogs around..

  2. Good for her. Why shouldn’t she bring her babies along. How do you know she doesn’t support charities? If anyone should be supporting poor kids, it should be Kim Kartrashian. After hearing what she gets for a tweet, she could support an entire school district.

  3. What you can certainly count on is that the highest ticket prices in history will be charged by Babs and there will be much tutting and the audeince will be filled with Yids who would be made to feel bad if they didn’t support another Schylock!

  4. @dandilion:

    Barbra has a history of donating millions to many different causes. Instead of letting your fingers do the hating, let your fingers do the search and you will see.

  5. Yep check out where Bab’s gave that money…the part she tells you about. But the real occurs when you see the ticket prices and the deal this Schylock scores for herself. Please go away, Golda!

  6. Its a free country. You don’t have to go to her concerts or buy her music. She also donates to heart disease, aids, and other research centers. She earned the right to charge what she wants and we each have the right to go to her concerts or NOT. No one is forcing anyone to pay for the tickets. Stop with the jealousy and critisim.

  7. I don’t like her (or) dislike her. She is just Barbra and I do like she never got her schnozz whittled on.

  8. Does anyone know if the gay Jason is engaged or married to his lover.? Or if he has a steady partner? Or is he just a free-lance gay?

  9. He is probably just a normal rainbow gay…out for whomever.

  10. Barbra Streisand contributes very generously to many charities and causes, many times donating much of the ticket sales and at times what would be a part of her own salary. She travels with one dog-her dog, Samantha (white dog in top picture). The brown dog, Eli, belongs to her son, Jason. He traveled with Jason on the tour.

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