Audrina Patridge may have been distracted because she’s still trying to live down her mother’s tirade after Audrina was cut from “Dancing With the Stars.” That might explain why she’s wearing plastic booties over her suede boots – the kind that doctors and house painters wear. (Maybe she’s planning to return the boots and wants to keep them clean.) Anyway, this is how she looked walking around Beverly Hills.


  1. Is LA really gotten this weird that people do these “attention getting-humiliation inspiring photo ops just for the notice—-or do they actually think this is OK street wear? It seems like the Kardashian caper of last week with the inappropriate pedi gear. Is this a foot fetish site I’ve stumbled onto? LOL

  2. Sure, wear the boots, then return them with your wart viruses.

  3. She is being smart — those boots are soon to be in the air, waving quite close to her face.

  4. She beast’s doing a boot test drive.. wearing those salesgirls down..

  5. This little fluff badly needs a Sunday School lesson. It would be entitled: “Fornication: Play now, pay later.”

  6. Indy, good idea. It would counter the last schooling she had: Getting Ahead by Giving Head.

  7. My guess is they are inside footwear — for appearing on talkshows, etc. — and she keeps those booties for when, for whatever reason, she has to actually hit the streets without being able to change shoes.

    It is a good idea considering how gross city streets are.

  8. At least the drunk and goofy mother is not involved in this.

    Janet evidently has less than a dozen viewers.

  9. Question answered: She had been inside a BH medical facility (where for whatever reason they required the “sterile booties”) and she dashed outside to feed the meter.

    When she left the facility some time later… she was “bootiless”.

    No idea why she at the doc… but for her sake I hope it was to get her “mother thing” removed.

  10. Hey Helena, thanks for the 411. Now it doesn’t seem so weird. Except that she called the paps herself, no doubt.

  11. Funny you would have this picture, Janet. This was Audrina Patridge leaving her doctor’s office after a simple exploratory procedure to examine her breasts and prepare for her reduction procedure that would happen a while later. The booties are required during any type of procedure. Why she didn’t take them off, who knows. But I wish that day never occured and Audrina still had her shapely curves and cleavage that are sadly all gone now.

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