Is there no end to the Audrina Patridge pin-up photo collection? One thing for sure – as cute as she is, Audrina would never make it on the show “America’s Top Model.” We can just IMAGINE Tyra Banks getting a load of this photo. “Your mouth is tense and your eyes look dead! Your shoulders are hunched up and your pose looks uncomfortable and awkward. There’s nothing sexy about this picture!”


  1. She’s not cute at all, she’s a plastic surgery freak. I mean, those Playboy test shots taken when she was 18 shows that she already had implants. I don’t know about you, but my “girls” didn’t truly show up until I was 19. Sad that she went through all of that. Was it poor self esteem? Pressure from an agent or a Joe Simpson-like parent? Again, not cute at all.

  2. First of all Janet, I think you are the only person in America that watches the horrid ‘Top Model’. Secondly why are you hating on Audrina? She is very attractive. Are you jealous of her or do you have a ‘girl crush’?

  3. So right 10:34. And her spray tan is almost as bad as Posh’s. I look at her picture and think she probably was cute before all of the work. Maybe not stunning, but prettier than most. Now she looks like she’ll have to have lots of maintenance work over the years.

  4. Obviously a dick-crazy whore, and not a very pretty one at that. The wind machine did not catch her hair at the best angle as the pic was being taken.. She is a hardened slut at such a young age.

  5. Audrina looks like Charlie Brown in drag – I’ve never seen such a round head. She looks a little redneck to me – like when trash wins the lottery and gets plastic surgery, their teeth whitened and spray-on tans.

  6. Poor thing. She is just blah and desperate, She will never make it big. Give it up honey.

  7. Hollywood is populated by desperate little Audrinas. Pretty girls, great bods, zero talent, no schooling, no skills. She may be going nowhere, but she’s gotten a lot further than most of the rest will. It’s mostly downhill from here.

  8. Tell “Audrina Patridge” to show up at Willie Browns BluesFest in Aliceville, AL and she can parade around like a top model all she wants as…
    Somebody ask Tyra is she going to make it to this years BluesFest or shall we send out a invitation to Audrina and some of the Victoria Secrets runner up models… Course they might be saving themselves for Harmonica Bean at Morgan Freeman’s place in Clarksdale – Blues club of course. April 26th or May 10th to see Big George Brock.

  9. Audrina Patridge, Move to Memphis and you can rule that town.
    I’ve yet to see any real hotties strut there stuff… course I don’t hang out in strip clubs.
    Imagine if she could sign autographs at the Bass Pro Shop, I’ll bet she’d have a blast.

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