Despite his astonishing $900,000 salary and warm welcome during the first taping of “Two and a Half Men,” Ashton Kutcher is still nervous about being the newbie on the show. If you’re wondering what he does in that super-size trailer of his – he’s decompressing by doing yoga and deep breathing in his free time.



  1. Not wondering at all … He still comes across as a big doofus kid, not appealing in the slightest

  2. Decomposing from WHAT??? Oops…I meant Decompressing…But I was distracted by a TV show (NOT 3 and a third old farts either).

  3. Reta, LOL! (And so glad you have jumped back into the pool! 🙂 )

  4. Somehow, his decompressing & deep inhaling sounds like a bong’s involved.

  5. @Yoyo

    Yes. I feel certain that he knows his way around a water bong. 🙂


    The show has such an incredibly talented staff of actors & writers on that show. I feel certain that those that have written off Kutcher in the past will be beyond satisfied with his contribution to the show. I think the kid has a lot to offer and he is genuinely funny.

    Having some anxiety about his performance is natural. It’ll keep him on his toes.

  6. People will tune in once maybe twice but that’s about it. Kelso leaves Wisconsin and moves to Malibu. I see a big fail coming. I hope this big FU to Charlie Sheen is a major fail.

  7. Ashton’s previous hit “That 70’s Show ” is still in reruns. Ashton scored a hit as creator/producer of Punk’d. Ashton has acted in both comedy and drama. TV,movies and of course commercials. He has been married to Demi for a number of years Now and is the stepfather to 3 teenage girls, so taking over as his own character in 2 and 1/2 Men will be a breeze for Ashton. Stepping into a show that someone else was so widely identified with was a huge responsible for Ashton, and I believe that he is going to fool a lot of Naysayers with his own brand of comedy and errors. PEACE!!

  8. I missed you REta. Hope you had a nice away.
    Look Strom look! REta’s back.

  9. Casonia Sade Logenberry And Hells kitchen..Who is next to be kicked off the show?No Music or T.V. or Sex...No wonder people snap on Hells kitchen and who is going to be ashamed of there downfalls? says:

    I think Ashton Kutcher is real cute and..I do wish him well and hope things go just right for him…Or will this show fold and have to leave..Only time will tell! We maybe in for a real ride. I Never watched the show myself and never got into and maybe over the last year around this time…Not ever 10 minutes and I just could not get into the story line and it never moved me or it simply did not hold my attention.

  10. Casonia Sade Logenberry And Hells kitchen..Who is next to be kicked off the show?No Music or T.V. or Sex...No wonder people snap on Hells kitchen and who is going to be ashamed of there downfalls? says:

    I like Ashton Kutcher when he makes movies about Drama.. Coast Guard movie really moved me to Tears and I felt like I was seeing Aw-some-ness and a real open-ness to showing us Deep Emotion and Feelings but good luck to what your doing and the pay is great and any human being on the planet would play the part your playing and..I Want you to know..That this is an amazing career move. Take care and best wishes to you Sir.

  11. Well, it only makes sense that nervous and insecure. That’s why he married his mother. He needs someone to tell him it’s going to be okay.

  12. bleh. don’t need him in my life or on my tube. disliked since he dumped britney for dem. maybe britney murphy would still be alive had they married.

  13. Why does Kutcher come across as such a half-wit ?

  14. I agree with you Natalie. What can they possibly have in common? This issue will only become more obvious as Demi ages. She needs to find a man closer to her age or older. When that girl come out last year and said Ashton layed her on Demi’s couch, I lost all respect for him. Loser!

  15. THAT’S BECAUSE THIS FREAK IS WEARING LADIES SLIPPERS, haaahahahahahahahaaaaahahahahahaha

  16. Casonia Sade Logenberry and Hells kitchen..Your words have to match your actions and do what you say and say what you do. Sabotage is not good when it comes down to your team says:

    I love Ashton Kutcher but the only thing that bothers me is that he has no children and that is really frustrating to me. His wife should give him a child and stop her career and go on Bed Rest..Because she is high risk and give this man a blood line that is alive and simply hire some one to carry the child and..I Am sure one paycheck from 2 and half man will more then cover a child out there for him and his wife to share. I would love to see his Blood line on the table?

  17. @Casonia

    Greetings. 🙂

    Demi will be 49 in November. If she has any eggs left in her fit but middle aged body, it would be nothing short of a miracle. In fact, she probably has two sickly ones left. One is on ill and on crutches and the other one is cracked & trapped in cobwebs and dust.

    They are wealthy enough to rent a uterus if they want one. Chances are Demi has some egg frozen for just such an occasion.

    “Blood Lines” are not a priority and shouldn’t be in this day and age. Survival is the goal. There’s plenty of needy babies to go around in United States and world. If they decide to raise a child together this could be their route and there would be no shame.

  18. Casonia, just HAD to ask:what is “his Blood line on the table?” And what is it DOING THERE???

  19. He has chutzpah.

    He lucked out in getting a few TV shows, like That 70’s Show, which I think sucked.
    He married a much older woman knowing it would make major headlines and therefore keep his name out front.

    He has already cheated, which we all knew he would sooner or later.

    He comes across as a half-wit, as Pippa thinks also.

    He has chutzpah.

    Chutzpha is the main thing nowadays, you gotta have it: Chutzpah = major balls.

    Thanky kindly for listening.

  20. He’s very, very funny and talented. This is a tough transition, but also a huge opportunity. I hope he blows it out of the water.

  21. It’ll be hard not to experience Charlie Sheen’s unique brand of dry wit, but I’ll give Ashton a chance. He has some big ass shoes to fill, that’s for sure.

  22. Does anyone else think Kutcher always talks as if he can’t hear very well? I’ve always wondered; he is always so loud (so was the kid who said “Whoa!” on Blossom)

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