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Ashley Olsen dropped off her pampered pup at LA Dogworks on Highland – an exclusive and very posh canine resort/spa. They feaure hydrotherapy, massage, daycare, training, and boarding that consists of bunkbeds and flatscreen TV’s (like a Four Seasons for dogs.) We can’t help but wonder what it’s like to wear those six inch high shoes and boots that the petite Olsen sisters favor – both day and night. They must have a terrific sense of balance. We can’t remember the last time we saw them in sneakers.


  1. I know that place!
    My dog said “nice enough”.
    But a rushed finish.
    A ROOooo….

  2. I just want to know who is now writing the book about the weird Olsen sisters. What happened to them, where is their family. I am waiting!!!

  3. She’s a moron. And dresses that way because she knows she’s rich enought to get away with it.

  4. I have two theories about the shoes.
    1. They are the only things that tether the Olsen sisters to the ground (fear of getting blown away averted).
    2. They are desperate to make the Olive Oyl look fashionable (it’s the only style they easily fit into).
    Again, they’re just theories, but I’m pretty sure they’re valid.

  5. two feet tall, the both of them combined- high heeled shoes are a necessity, like water and oxygen.
    Scary looking chicks.

  6. the olsen sisters need to make a new movie together like they used to do when they were still cute little girls.
    i guess it could be about the grown up olsen sisters’ adventures in hollyweird.
    mary-kate and ashley is a brand of clothing sold at walmart. maybe those boots will be recrafted in china out of naugahyde for their fans.
    those twin girls are bijillionaires. dressing bag lady style is smart for someone whose every fragment of their life has been mass marketed and exploited.
    maybe they need to be adopted, too.

  7. u guys r all dumbasses
    they’re so freaken hot!!! anyone whos not gay would wanta bang ashley olsen, not mary kate because shes anorexic. so shut the fuc* up!

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