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FLASHBACK: We came across this photo of bodybuilder/actor Arnold Schwarzenegger taken in Las Vegas in 1979 by Brad Elterman, and we couldn’t RESIST sharing it with you. Arnold is obviously infatuated and playfully flirting with baby-faced Maria Shriver, who looks like she just got out of college. Little did they know then, that they’d end up Governor and First Lady of California.

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  1. That’s a beautiful photo! Thanks for posting that. Why not send a copy of this photo in a nice frame to the Governor and Mrs. Schwarzenegger? They’re successful, sure, but they’ve also been through a hell of a lot personally. Seeing this photo again will be a great reminder, if they need one (and I suspect they do) of the romantic glue that brought them together!

  2. My God Maria looked so heathly back then…and she became an anorexic first lady!
    Yeah there’s a “Kennedy Curse” for sure!
    Is this the Guvs “Healthcare Plan” in progress?Take all the healthy people and give them an eating disorder…I feel sorry for Maria and Californians!

  3. WOAH!!!
    That’s a big schlong. THATS what keeps Maria happy!

  4. Her face looked so much better with some flesh on it, she has aged very badly.

  5. woah. Maria looks like an overgrown cabbage patch doll. she is not cute at all, thats why two unattractive people always works together.

  6. She looks fat and bucktoothed. He looks gorgeous. He was only using her to get where he is today. Cunning man.

  7. Maria is shrivel and dried up like a apple head doll. However, I enjoy the different personalities that appear from the dried apple. The color of the apple will darken over time and will bring a new character to the face.

  8. Back in those times and in her early career, Maria ALWAYS struck me as being really fun/down to earth, and a real hoot to hang with. And Arnold tends to inflect humor into his conversations, and seems like he’d be equally blessed with the gift of laughter.
    It’s said a sense of humor is extremely attractive, and I think their relationship is yet another great example of this being true.
    Get past the politics and the jabs at attractiveness, and I see a regular, healthy relationship…old-fashioned romance…2 people who communicate, laugh, and are committed to each other and their children.
    We all should be so fortunate!

  9. 5:17 I was thinking the same thing!! Ha ha, the other people are commenting about Maria’s weight and all I can do is focus on crotch. BTW, I have met Maria in person a few times and her body is not actually that skinny, she is normal. It is her face (her brothers and family all have the same facial features) and jawbone that make her seem too skinny. She is not a rail in real life. She is very nice, very friendly.

  10. I remember Pepsi Light – yum!
    Other than that, the picture does nothing for me

  11. I worked with female crew members who worked with him and theysaid he groped half the women on the set and had a huge…EGO

  12. The Shriver women are ugly. It’s just that simple. Arnold married her for access to an American Royal family. He’s the biggest man whore there is.

  13. I watched Maria Shriver on C-SPAN (Los Angeles Obama rally). It was hard to see past her looks. What happened to this women. I mean how can she get before a national audience looking that way? Is it a case of the “emperors new clothes” where people close to her aren’t saying, “damn Maria, I’d rethink the TV thing before major surgical enhancement/reconstruction. Then again, if she’s a genuinely nice person that doesn’t care about looks, I feel like shit for writing this.

  14. Maria Shriver is very unattractive. All the Shriver women look ugly after a certain time…it must be in their genes.

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