Aretha Franklin has resigned herself to the fact that her first choice to star in her life story- Halle Berry-doesn’t feel she can play the role because she can’t sing. Aretha was a little miffed, but says she prefers someone with “more confidence” anyway. Given choices, Aretha told Wendy Williams she can picture Jennifer Hudson in the part but for some reason, absolutely NOT Queen Latifah, who seems like a logical choice. Nobody argues with Aretha.


  1. Jennifer Hudson – Queen of Liposuction and lap band surgery.

  2. What about Amber Riley from Glee? She has a great voice.

  3. WHY is QL a more “logical” choice than Jennifer Hudson? Janet, I see that your opinion is often misguided…

  4. Why not let Mickey Rooney do it. He could you know.
    Reta! Did the epi ease some of the non compos mentis, delerium?

  5. I could be wrong, but I’m not sensing a huge demand for Aretha’s life story, regardless of who plays her.

  6. i am Aretha’d OUT by now…..

    she needs an EGO-Ectomy. i dont’ give a ____ how great a singer she is. BASTA!!

  7. I agree that noone is waiting to hear more on Aretha. She stopped being relevant long ago. QL is such a big time lesbo that Aretha has too much class to allow her to shadow her long.

  8. I knew she’d come around to Jennifer Hudson. And strom, since when has Aretha Franklin not been relevant? Great soul singers never go out of style.

  9. great singers may never go out of style but their overloaded endless ongoing egotistical sense of self importance makes them intolerable after a while….. she needs to get over herself.
    she ain’t the only great singer in the universe BY A LONG FUCKIN SHOT but don’t say that to her……ever. she’s the only one who matters in her bloated opinion at least….

  10. Regardless of what any of you short sighted people believe, there are certain iconic performers who remain relevant even long after their deaths. Aretha is the undisputed queen of soul,and always will be.If she is indeed a Diva, and such a bloated personality. it still doesn’t take one iota away from her talent, her prowess as a singer, and her world wide, long time Top selling most idolized soul singer in recent history.

  11. Aretha hasn’t been relevant in a long time. They prop her up for some event but that is about it. All that jibberish about “the voice” just doesn’t cut it any more and most of those songs sound very tired! Patti LaBelle still was willing to put some step into it but ‘Retha’s step has long since gone.

  12. Whatever you say, her body of work is OUT THERE,HAS BEEN CLASSIC SOUL FOR MANY YEARS, AND A PERSON’S NATURAL DECLINE CAN NEVER TAKE AWAY FROM THAT.IT’S Already produced, and not retractable. Thats like saying that THE FAMOUS TALENTED ARTISTS AND WRITERS of old ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT. We are all relevant in one way or the other in so many varied ways.Just because you want to dismiss someone with an over used phrase,does not make your opinion universal to everyone.

  13. I agree with Mary-Claire, Aretha is and will always be a legend, she has won so many awards you can’t count them all. My guess is she wants to get her life story done while she is still alive to see it. I am not buying her changed story of eating less hamburgers and pigs feet and suddenly dropping 100 lbs that fast. She has cancer and sadly it is probably terminal. I understand she doesn’t want to talk about it but the lies about the dieting are just sad and unnecessary.

  14. Jennifer Hudson seems like the perfect choice because she has a powerful voice. I just hope they won’t insist she pack on all those pounds she lost so she’ll look more like Aretha.

  15. I have never liked aretha franklin, too much of an ugly diva inside and out. queen latifah is such a beautiful person inside and out it would be too mismatched. aretha was never pretty or hot looking she needs to be played by dennis rodman.

  16. and btw Gemma Martins-St. Onge

    I dont think jennifer hudson did lap band her body doesnt look like the awkward body of those that get that lap band, did she do lipo, I couldnt say but I dont believe it was lap band, I really dont think weightwatchers would have used her either if she had. lap band people end up getting a weird look like star jones and that black guy that did the weather from nbcs morning show.

  17. Gabrielle Sidibie for the most recent Aretha, and Jennifer Hudson for the early Aretha.

  18. QL is said to have a very voracious appetite for female sex. Her “trainer” alone isnt enough. I think even ‘Retha’s diva attitude wouldnt put up with that long. She came from the church and had conservative values.

  19. I never understood the so-called title Aretha has. Her range has never been that great and her notes are not sharp and clear either. it’s a typical, from church, soul kind of voice, nothing wrong with that, but it never gave me one single goose bump. She couldn’t hold a stick to Etta James or the fabulous in many ways, Billie Holliday.

    I agree, I don’t see the need from the public for a bio-pic on her and Jennifer Hudson is a much better singer than the Diva ever was so she’d have to pull back if she took that role. Plus, after all the struggles to get her weight off J-Hud would NOT “fat-up” for this or any role. That’s one of the most stupid things you can do and your body never gets over it. It’s horrible on your heart.
    Aretha was never a beauty, even starting out. Go look at some of her early pictures.
    I also couldn’t believe when Obama picked her to sing at his inaugural. She was bloated, sang mediocre, and her hat overshadowed her. Anyone remember what she sang? Or attempted to? What an embaressment for our country that THAT was the choice to represent us musically when we have so much to offer. Josh Groban would have just KILLED it!

  20. How she shouldered those huge tits when she was gi-normous is a mystery; her back must have always hurt. Anyway, since she has kept going thru thick and thin and now maybe cancer, I guess she has a right to be a Diva and given a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  21. During Obama’s campaign at a Labor Rally in Detroit,Aretha was in attendance. At the end of the rally Obama sang a few words to “Chain of Fools”. Aretha offered to extend the same courtesy to him for his Inauguration. Aretha sang My Country’Tis of Thee’ and it was heard around the globe. For a woman of 66 years old to be able to sing such a powerful rendition of that song on a bitterly cold day in Washington ‘s brutal weather and the audience in attendance seeming to enjoy it,spoke volumes.
    I think she did a memorable rendition that a lot of her listening audience still appreciate.. As far as her hat that matched her coat so sensibly, that hat ended up having it’s own group of fans. I do Not challenge the fact that there are other star performers out there in the huge industry of entertainment, Aretha is a one word titled performer, and she has been acknowledged as The Queen of Soul for over 40 years,a title that she did Not give to herself, and I do Not think that anyone wondering how she got that title is going to change that status. In introducing Ms. Franklin in any arena,she is more often than Not introduced as “The Queen of Soul.” A person does Not have to be considered a ravishing beauty in order to have that rare quality which is known as talent. As a die hard Aretha fan,she is recognized as a successful songwriter, she plays the piano which she learned by ear, she sings Gospel,soulful R&B, and has also been known to do opera at a moment’s notice(during the Grammy’s years ago).In the world of music there are numerous performers who will relax for a while, but they will always be welcomed back, and Aretha Franklin remains in that company of performers. PEACE!!

  22. The Queen should abdicate before she is overthrown and I dont mean QL! ‘Retha has been a has been and is just rolled out like Elizabeth Taylor at a few events.

  23. Leo, thank you for another great post and for bringing a dash of class to this board. Aretha is the Queen and I wish her well on her path to health.

  24. Reta, there are many things you will NOT understand. In order to understand, one has to have at least one alive and functioning brain cell under the helmet.

  25. Meg, you can have her. She was always mediocre if you really LISTEN to her NOTES. What kind of singing can she actually DO? Bellow out loud shouting kinda-sorta high-ish yell-screams for many many seconds? What has been her range in her best time frame? Give me a break. NOBODY ever spoke of her great range or incredible voice, just that she can belt these big blasts of “soul”. Pretty much every black church has some great, as great as Aretha is/was singers anyway. I’ve heard them time after time trying to catch a break. They are BETTER than her.

    Jennifer Hudson is a great example of this. That girl CAN sing, and hit some great notes clearly and cleanly. maybe you just buy the rep and don’t actually look or listen to these voices for real. I have nearly every Billie Holiday song there is and Etta is my number two for great black female singers of old. They are far far better than Aretha ever was, but SHE came in during rock & roll and that whole turnover where the white kids were riding the black music rave. This gave a lot of black performers great careers and helped break some barriors. One of my best friends is a black performer from this time period and has told me some harrowing tales. but I digress..

  26. I have to agree with the giant vagina on this one. Etta in Chuck Berry’s Hail Hail Rock and Roll movie effortlessly leaves Aretha in her dust. Still none of them compare To Billie Holiday.

  27. @ Meg:

    Thank you for acknowledging my comment,and it was wonderful to read your words expressing a get well message to Miss Aretha.
    Everybody have their favorite entertainer,and I am able to applaud their choices. Hi/5’s to all the other Aretha fans
    who continue to wish her well without the slightest Need to use the Negative side of opinions to erase her accomplishments of over 40 years. I continue to wish her the very best, and I say a little prayer that her health gets better and better each day.PEACE!

  28. agree, even the name of queen latifah is vulgar.

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