Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Aretha Franklin warmed up the disgruntled crowd in Detroit on Labor Day before President Obama took the stage and addressed the labor union there. Aretha looks great and she’s been making more personal appearances than ever despite medical problems she doesn’t talk about. If you love Aretha, we advise you to see her perform soon, because one can predict the future.


  1. She is an amazingly talented performer and very beautiful for a slightly older girl.
    I loves the soul sisters.

  2. Poor lady, I think she has cancer, I was guessing gallstones but I think it’s cancer.

  3. Aretha is a trooper & one helluva singer. If she’s come this far despite hardships, she’ll continue on. God bless her.

  4. I think she looks great in this picture. The rapid weight loss appears to have slowed down.

  5. The blacks will all come out to support Barack…but this time it might not do any good unless the PC crowd really wants to see him stqy in office. It is obvious he is in over his head and was not Presidential timber. Hopefully he will go away and lead a nice long life away from the public but I dont think the PC’ers will allow that.

  6. We will all be Detroit if Obama’s policies continue…The Libs have destroyed Detroit possibly beyond repair.

  7. Don’t you just hate it when wealthy Blacks are complicit in keeping their people down on the victimhood plantation. ..Aretha, Jesse, Sharpton , Sheila jackson, Maxine Waters, Jayz, Beyonce …..

  8. Hoffa Union Thug threatens fellow Americans and Obama is OK with his violent rhetoric cause he refuses to comment on it. Double Standards anyone cause he know the MEDIA has his back.

  9. True….BLACKS such as these and Serena Williams are 100% more racist than whites! Jesse Jackson and his Ilk want to keep blacks poor and beholdent while the asians and hispanics pass them by like jets and leave only poor role models like the gangsta rappers….Lil Kim and Black Puffy Combs are a scourge on the black race.

  10. Casonia logenberry..Hells kitchen..I want elisa to get kicked off the show and the main reason for that is that! I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and yes she does a good job but her personality stinks and..I hate her? I hope she hangs says:

    Of course as you get old you start to have Health problems but it is private and none of are Business and she is there to help some one get on track and she is lending her voice and what a Beautiful and amazing voice and she is incredible and she is making History at the same time. What a sweet and kind woman.

  11. How do you know she’s sweet and kind, your syrupiness is starting to nauseate me.

    I love Aretha, but I think she’ll be gone in less than a year.

  12. strom —is an amazingly talented performer and very beautiful for a slightly older girl.
    I loves the soul sisters.”

    she does have plenty of talent but when do you ever say anything nice about anyone? you never say nice stuff about anybody

  13. nicky, that post is not from the real Strom. The real Strom would kiss Morgan Freeman before he made a statement like that.

  14. Ha I am all for Aretha but all the pomp and ceremony are too much….just retire.

  15. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen Elisa is a major pain in the Butt and hope her ass is kicked off the show soon..Because I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and..How could Tennile be any one role model she was kicked off the show for me says:

    She can sing her ass off and can hold her own in any ones company and it is great that she is making History for crossing path with people who move the world on so many levels. Peace and love and hope for the future that makes this lady truly amazing and special on so many levels but in time as we get older Health problems are around the corner? And that part of her life is no ones Business.! She is working and helping people and she is there when some one needs her helping hand.

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