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SOMEBODY should be up for an Oscar for Best Make-up next year for turning Anthony Hopkins into a convincing Alfred Hitchcock. The contrived resemblance is amazing – how did they get those jowls to look so natural? Hopkins is starring as the legendary director in “Hitchcock” with Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel. The plot is described as a love story (not between Hitchcock and his blonde leading lady) but between him and wife Alma, played by the dependable Helen Mirren, as it happened during the 1960 filming of “Psycho.”


  1. What an amazing transformation!

    The headlines will read:

    Hopkin’s nominated for Oscar gold, once again!

  2. Oh no!!!!

    The nightmares of being pawed and groped by his fat fingers still haunt Tippi Hedren and Kim Novak…..Now, this will resuscitate those nightmares that keep them up at nights shaking and blanketed in cold sweat.


    “Blondes make the best victims. They’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.” —-Alfred Hitchcock

  3. I adore Hitchcock’s movies (especially Rear Window), but what Walt said about his groping of his actresses gives me more of a shudder than those damn Birds.

    Oh, and agreed. Excellent make up considering Hopkins looks absolutely nothing like him. I wonder how well he’ll be able to imitate his speech.

  4. I want to see this movie .. the only turnoff is Jessica Biel. Ack.

  5. Strom and Janet
    satire is good for a chuckle but for you to bring up blacks or jews into every conversation is not only unfunny it derails the topics and reflects on the racist tone of this board because Janet obviously approves of your posts since she does not delete them or ban you.

    Isn’t this a gossip board? Or is it Stormfront or a nazi or white power site -in disguise?

    Janet Charlton, you got some splainin’ to do, why you allow this to continue! You can’t drip feed the line that you don’t know how to delete posts on your own message board, anymore.

  6. I guess I need glasses then because it looks nothing like him except as a characateur…

  7. christine: I canot stand the stuckup buck tooth Jessica Biel. If Timberlake marries her, he is dumber than he looks.

  8. Christine, if Timberlake marries Biel, it will be just one more good old boy lost to the wrong side.

  9. Mel, stfu, you are one of the worst offenders here. Stop judging, mr. or ms. phony.

  10. Joe, thanks buddy. I’ll meet you behind the wood pile. The bigger & blacker, the BETTER.

  11. Dear Strom

    It’s not required to “point out any inaccuracies” Strom, as your entire world view is so utterly ridiculous, childish really.

    If you ever said anything with any actual merit, then we could argue your contentions. Reasonably so.

    But as long as your general or routine observations border on the insane (and I’m not using the word lightly here) it would be utterly pointless to actually talk to you about your conduct as clearly your are unable to see it for yourself.

    You are a racist, this we sadly know. Janet, well she’s just slow.

  12. I think you got Strom on a stick Mel and Eric, right on

  13. The last couple of posts were not mine either. I wont point out any more. The imposter can continue to get its kicks.

    Poor EK can blather about but always fails to point out any inaccuracies. You should watch the entire “War & Peace” film with young Hopkins and maybe your knowledge level will increase.


    Maybe a nice chorus of “It’s a PC World After All” would make her feel a bit brighter.

  14. oh, and by the way ” point out any innacuracies” presumes you’ve been accurate, which you haven’t.

    Thats partly the reason no one bothers to points it out to you, its a bit like trying to explain the boogie man to a child, kinda, what’s the point.

    I think Strom, if you were ever able to accurately make a satirical or sociological point of some merit, people would at least try to “point out any innacuracies”, but becaase all you ever say is the same old, tired, stupid racist crap, what’s the point ?

    your a drooler, dude.

  15. Ha Ha point it out rainbow,,,,but you cant and seem afraid to use anything but stupid racist handles….PC lives!!

    Hope & Change!

    Keep Hope Alive!

  16. Ha Ha point it out rainbow,,,,but you cant and seem afraid to use anything but stupid racist handles….PC lives!!

    Hope & Change!

    Keep Hope Alive!

  17. @Joe. Douche, I may be a jerk but I’m not a racist. Keep trolling, stan.

  18. Like Alfred Hitchcock, Strom is psycho. Most likely a tiny dick like Alfred. Alfred thing was leering, pawing,getting horny on his famous female stars especially tippy hiddern from the birds. She finally had enough of him and called a fat pig. Not that she was lying. Even she had good sense not to fuck a fat sour pig can’t say for the stars today.

    How was he so fat if he was from London? People there are usually slim and slender back then and even now.

  19. Ugh, Hitchcock was such a creep; I always felt so bad for his actresses (more so when I learned about what he was like in real life)

    Anthony Hopkins, he’s terrific. Now there’s an example of someone who may not naturally physically resemble the subject but having the talent to pull it off.

    Ugh, so agreed about the turnoff of Jessica Biel. Rockin’ body but a real nutjob when you read her interviews, and her face looks weird to me.

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