Anne Hathaway and her husband of two years, Adam Shulman, share a number of traits – among them- they coproduced her new movie Song One, and they are close to the same size. Adam is slender and Anne towers over him in heels. Our gym source informed us that Anne and Adam share a trainer who puts them both through their paces, taking turns on equipment at an LA gym. During a recent workout, Adam strained to complete his sets on an upper body machine. When it was Anne’s turn, she couldn’t help smirking as she ADDED weight with a clunk and a flourish, for HER sets on the same machine. Competitive?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Seems kind of b****y. My husband and I do the same at the gym, share a trainer. But he lifts more weight than I do. It’s not a competition between us, we encourage each other.

  2. jess, shall we meet at a UCLA-gym where the rowing ladies have practise?

  3. Maybe she is hiding to forget her Italian felon b/f who she was happy to service as well as accept the jewels and other gifts he scammed others to give her!

  4. She doesn’t seem to have been linked to sexual involvement w/ BLACKS however. Unlike Madonna and Heidi Klum.

  5. Now how do I say this? Hmm. Her husband looks extremely gay. There I said it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. I don’t want a man that wears the same size jeans as I do….

  7. It’s not that her husband is weak. Anne Hathaway is amazingly strong and is in extremely great shape!!

  8. Anne wasn’t trying to show off either. She’s just a strong woman. She is a very nice and kind person who is a very successful actress with a great beautiful body.

  9. Anne has very strong arms and absolutely amazing legs! She has an incredible figure!

  10. Just imagine how much more she can do with her legs! She has such strong legs even compared to many athletes!

  11. Anne would wipe the floor with her husband in arm wrestling especially now! She’s in even better shape with such lovely strong and beautiful arms! Her entire body is strong!

  12. Anne Hathaway has the most beautiful smile too! She’s grown back her very beautiful hair too and is always wearing beautiful dresses and very very high heels which show off her great legs!

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