AnnaLynne Mccord and Kellan Lutz turned up at a recent Lakers game and it was apparent that she wasn’t familiar with “game etiquette.” At half time the high rollers and celebrities from the expensive seats line up in the aisle leading to the exclusive Chairman’s Lounge. AnnaLynne was antsy and kept saying “Excuuuse me!” as she pulled Kellan and tried to maneuver in front of people in the narrow aisle. Finally a guy advised her “Calm down, we’re all going to the same place!” Eventually she made it to the check point and the guard asked them to show their tickets. They didn’t have their tickets and were refused admittance. AnnaLynne huffed “I AM A FAMOUS TV STAR!” (Exact quote!) Everyone in the crowd turned to look at her as she ranted and the guard said “I don’t care WHO you are, you need a ticket.” Kellan looked embarrassed and pulled her away as she was yelling at the guard – he whispered “C’mon – we’ll get the tickets!” Observers snickered that she was a lot like her snotty TV character on 90210.

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  1. I’m betting in a very few short years this flavor of the month will be all over and done with. I can’t wait. She’ll go the way of so many before her that have had overly swelled ego’s with little talent to account for it. I can’t wait for her show to disappear so she can take the fast ship to no where.

  2. let’s hope the shitting paper is out when she needs it, YOU STUCK UP WHORE!!

  3. She a famous TV star that very few have ever heard of. She’ll be doing porn by 30 years old.

  4. I watched 90210 for 30 minutes and it sucked. So does this self-important little skag who will quickly fade away when 90210 is canceled.

  5. Janet do something about those annoying gumgum ads!!!! They block the pictures.

  6. Kellan Lutz is the Brad Pitt of his generation. I’m betting he goes to the top, but he will work for it.

    She is wonderful. Young. This is not flattering. But she is dating up. Maybe his maturity will help her.

    I think this is the IT couple of young Hollywood. They are just so damned cute.

  7. She better start learning how to suck up.Like yesterday.

  8. desperation is not pretty. puh-leeeez!

    so desperate for people to pay attention to her. (kissing her sister on the beach playing volleyball in bikinis? again: Puh-leeez!!!)

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