We were surprised when Angie Everhart,38, and Joe Pesci, 65, called it quits- they were golf buddies for years and engaged for nine months. But Angie has bounced back in a big way. Last week she was seen in London taking a ride with Prince Andrew,48, in his Aston Martin convertible. Angie and the Duke of York dated a few years ago and have resumed their friendship.


  1. Another red-haired trollop to court the Queen’s disapproval and get Andy randy. Hey, whatever happened to Koo Stark? I think she really liked Prince Andrew genuinely and unlike all the others, she kept her mouth shut afterwards.

  2. Everhart and Pesci broke up? I had no idea. She certainly gets around.

  3. Guess Joe’s money ran out.
    This has been discussed at length on this site before.
    When you are as repulsive as Pesci, the only way you’re getting ANY action is to pay for it.

  4. Janet, u were actually surprised by the breakup with Joe? I was shocked that they were actually together in the first place. Gives me cold sweats just thinking about it. The two of them breaking up makes perfect sense to me.

  5. Young? Angie Everhart is around 40 and Prince Andrew is 48

  6. Angie has been around the block a few times. She is hard and tough, the same way she likes her men. So maybe this is just a friendship ‘teaching’ session with the Prince?

  7. How long before the
    Queen steps in and breaks them up. She doesn’t care how old her baby boy is, ’cause she’s the Queen.

  8. The Official Word From The Purveyor of The Royal Winds In Waiting says:

    Actually, anyone would be considered an improvement in the wake of Hurricane Fergie, in the minds of the senior Royals.
    At this stage in the game, the Queen herself prefers nothing so much as a good lunch, a quiet nap and an hour of telly.

  9. Rumour has it that when he was a younger man and going to school in Ontario, Andrew was summoned back to England because he picked up an STD and got royal (literally) s**t. He’s likely just dating people who also have the STD–people who understand.

  10. The article also states that Andrew arranged for $10,000 to be delivered to Angie a few years ago, so that she would be able to move her belongings from a boyfriend’s NY apartment.
    Angie sounds like a seasoned whore to me.

  11. ^^^
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and besides, how else to explain her time spent with that hobbit Joe Pesci?

  12. Good for her!! Show Howard Stern how a real man with money do it.

  13. Does she do anything legit or just live off stupid men?

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