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Billboard queen Angeline HATES it when the paparazzi show up to surprise her in Hollywood and she can’t find the keys to her pink Corvette. She rummaged through her Tinker Bell purse and endured the intrusive cameras – awhile back she banned all photos of herself unless they were taken with a Polaroid camera! As if anybody still has one of those. If she really DOESN’T want her photo taken – she might be advised to rethink the pink Corvette.


  1. JESOCHRISTO how the hell old IS this freak now anyway???? That so-called “skin” on it’s “face” looks about to explode under the stress of the pressure and tightness of being pilled and plumped with every kind of foul filler known to man.

    And no WONDER it doesn’t want photos taken! It hides behind it’s purse thank GAWD in the second pic. Too bad the purse wasn’t large enough to hide the Tori Spelling legs!

  2. Does this woman own a full length mirror? What I don’t understand, is for someone who plasters themselves on billboards suddenly don’t want her pic taken? I am missing something here??

  3. I’ve seen Angelyne drive around Los Angeles. She looks to be in her early 70’s now—and she’s become one of those older ladies that everyone enjoys ridiculing.

  4. Dear God in heaven, who is this woman and what is wrong with her face?

  5. Am I the only one not looking up but I’m noticing her panties in the top photo? Dear God I hope its her panties!

  6. Yikes. Scary. How has she supported herself all of these years, Janet? There was rumor, many years ago, that she was a paramour of the Groucho Marx-like 1980s weatherman (initials are G.F.)who was on KABC. But that was then, and this is now…

  7. Yes, Hilary, I agree, the TRUE story here would be how the HELL this freak has supported itself all these years including the purchasing of those billboards and Corvette(s?) Seems a true Hollywood mystery, now, doesn’t it?

    Perhaps Janet, being the journalist that she is, could find out and let us know before that festering face breaks open and peels off to reveal the alien replicating inside those cheeks!

  8. PS: Don’t insult Bette Davis’ Baby Jane Hudson! But Lenny, you may HAVE something there! Perhaps this IS GAGA and this IS the reason she/it is always covering its face under yards and yards of long lace and giant hats and massive quantities of makeup and large misshapen glasses. I truly think you may have made a brilliant discovery dude!!

  9. I recall sometime ago Janet made a post that this ‘woman’ makes money selling used underwear online.

  10. I’m also feeling Paris Hilton down the road. Remember she loves pink too!

  11. I LOVE Angelyne. I wonder what shape the economy would be in now if she had won for California Governor instead of Schwarzenegger. I would love to see the capital building painted pink. That being said, she is cartoonish, but I think she is taking it a bit too far. She is ALWAYS in that polka dot dress and puffy boots. Surely you must have other cute outfits, Angelyne!

  12. Hey, Angeline’s got style, and she’s not morbidly obese, so give her a break!

  13. If she doesn’t like having her picture taken, how is it that papparazzi are where she is? Does someone tip them off? Or does she go where they frequent (the Ivy, etc.). I mean, if you DON’T want your pic taken in Hollywood, its EASY to avoid the paps. Its not like they are on every street corner, in every parking lot, outside every restaurant. Although it probably feels that way sometimes. I don’t get it.

  14. OMG! I’d hide that horrible looking face, too!
    It’s all puffy and lumpy and she looks really Weird…
    Please keep it hidden, for all our sakes!

  15. IMDb lists her as being born in 1936, but her voter’s registration with LA County has her born in 1963.
    If that’s the date she gave them, she could be charged with perjury!

  16. I saw her in her pink Corvette Yesterday afternoon coming out of Ralph’s Supermarket Parking lot on Hollywood Blvd.My girl friend pointed her out. Yes, Angeline is very incognito wherever she goes..Her Windows are tinted. More power to her. She is the queen of publicity stunts.She adds color to the Hollywood scene. She is like a Barbie doll for sure.

  17. Angelyne isn’t camera shy when she has her makeup on, and it looks here like she does not. Also, she encourages photos if you pay her to pose, or if you buy one of her T-shirts. She really is down on her luck now and it’s kind of sad.

    There’s really no reason to be mean to her. She’s not out to hurt anyone.

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