Angelina Jolie is making sure that at least four of her six kids have a good time in Sydney. She took them shopping at Berkelow Books and then for some fun at Leggo Land before heading back to Bondi Beach for some groceries at a local supermarket. Angie is very adept at making sure her nannies are not often seen in photographs of her and the children. But when you have so many children and you are SO famous, it would be impossible to go out without them. But the kids ARE growing up fast.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Shiloh is so pretty. Just once it would be nice to see her in a dress.

  2. She is so skinny, reportedly 99 pounds. How can she can travel constantly, going from country to country every 2 or 3 months; she just got back from HongKong, and now in Australia. Of course, she has several nannies, but all the worry about Brad cheating, and constant changing time zones, not to mention her major surgery, she must be superwoman. Google to see how thin she is.

  3. I often wonder how this family knows which country they’re waking up in. Different climates (summer now in Australia). Do they buy new clothes in every country/state; different nannies in each place; adjusting to new food & people, etc.

  4. Angie looks good, and the kids are adorable. It’s far better to be thin than to be as grotesquely overweight as 2/3 of the population of the U.S. is. I’ll bet she doesn’t feed them junk food!

  5. You bet she doesn’t feed them junk food? LOL. Guess you overlooked dozens of pics especially when the kifs were younger of them holding cheeto bags and pics on different dates of the family going thru McDonalds drive-thru. It was so often that a cynic might think they had product placement deals.

  6. Also, I can’t understand this….they never seem to get sick, and the brats def are fed junk food. I’ve seen many pics of them all holding cheetos sacks and nannies have reported dinners of pizza and soft drinks. Maybe they are from another planet. lol

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