Angelina Jolie looks quite voluptuous at the Maleficent premier in LA and she’s dressed a lot like her character. Brad Pitt is equally well groomed and without even trying, they retain their position as the most glamorous and powerful couple in Hollywood.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Glamorous? Yes. Powerful? Not so much. The Jewish Executive Producers have all of the power.

  2. Here we go with the ignorant racist posters.


  3. @Namers – U are just another idiot who has no idea what racism means. Meanwhile u give ur money to the Jew unwillingly….

  4. Janet, please ban these pathetically delusional racists.

  5. Janet is THE SUPREME RACIST. That’s why she allows racist posters on her blog. She enjoys promoting them. About the post, Angelina looks great. A person would never know she had a double mastectomy. Nothing has changed about her elegant femininity. That’s real good news to present and future breast cancer survivors.

  6. Look at her arms – they’re like twigs. She’s prolly back on the heroin again. Plus, her boobs are fake. Yuck!

  7. Unfortunately in this dry and age there will always be negative harsh criticism. People have to put others down to make themselves feel better. That’s a true sign of insecurity. It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside anyway, real beauty is on the inside and how people treat others.

  8. I actually think her new breasts are much too big for her super thin frame. When you can see that many veins on your arms you are either a body builder or entirely underweight

  9. Yes, those new boobs are definitely too large for her slight frame, and if she’s not careful, she may puncture one of them with that spiked bracelet!

  10. How in the world does a surgeon fix tits to look like this after having hers removed. Seems there wouldn’t be enough tissue to stretch over saline-filled ones. Or is this just stuffing? Does anyone know?

  11. There is no racism here, most of the producers and film makers in Hollywood are Jewish. It’s a fact. Where the money they make goes is a different discussion.

  12. Brad needs a steam cleaning, way too greasy. Angelina is too slender for those huge breasts. Strange couple.

  13. @Justine Well said, I couldn’t agree more! There is a huge difference between vailid critique/critical thinking and projection from psych challenged people.

    As to Jewish Producers having all the power…LOL. Typical to scapegoat those who WORK FOR THE 1% BILLIONAIRES. Who owns Hollywood? HINT: It isn’t the Jews, Blacks, Women or Gays.

  14. Absolutely, as soon as Jenny Shimizu saw this picture of Angie’s newly plumped up breasts she took off her baseball cap, rubbed her tattooed arms and went into full on lesbo desire mode.

    Angie looks more plastic and manly each day!

  15. Certainly, and when the shoe fits Angie should wear it. She is delusional.

    Aren’t there pictures of Jenny Shimizu locked between Angie’s legs like a wild animal going for munchies?

  16. After all these years, and 6 children, Brangelina remain a devoted couple. In this world of bitter breakups, it is a Nice thing to know that (by all indications) Brad is happy with his family and (finally)
    Jennifer’s heart has melted and Justin has taken all the pain away. PEACE!!

  17. Not enamoured of the inflatable bosoms, they are just a bit too much.

  18. Ugly dress and her breasts look like the ones of Dolly parton ( too big for her) but nice hair and jewel

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