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We’ve been working on our Janet Charlton’s Hollywood gossip show at FilmOn TV in Beverly Hills and Andy Dick has had his own live internet show there for the past few months. The studio was loaded with drama Tuesday because the CEO of the company planned a live intervention for Andy on the air! You probably know that Andy has a history of public intoxication and inappropriate groping of both sexes, and his drinking has increased of late. (A couple of years ago he cracked up his car right in front of our house and climbed out and ran away. Police had to chase him down and arrest him. The car parts were strewn around the street the next day.) CEO Alki David wants to save Andy’s show so he coaxed Andy into going directly to rehab on the air. Tearful Andy got into a car headed for the Oasis treatment center and we hope he stays for the duration.


  1. Gurrrrl friend looks like she just smelled cookies.

  2. I’m sorry, but some people are beyond help. This guy, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay are a few of them. They truly seem to LOVE their terrible lifestyle, until that changes they won’t.

  3. @Palermo,

    Totally agree with you. When a person is truly ready to make a change they will without interventions or anyone intervening. It’s got to come from within & that’s with any form of addiction.

  4. Poor Andy, he wont stay clean until HE decides to go to rehab. Intervention can work but not when it is your BOSS suggesting you get help. He went to rehab to save his job. Insteand, he needs a long term stay in a remote place where he can get to the root cause of his demons.

  5. Andy Dick is a mess and I feel sorry for his kids. I think he’s mentally ill in addition to being a drug addict. He needs serious help and antidepressants or maybe something stronger.

  6. one of the scariest things is he has a kid…
    what a great role model……

  7. @palermo & yoyo

    Gotta agree with you. I think any publicity and attention they receive seems to stimulate & energize them in some bizarre way.


    @Pit BuLL LOVER

    He has 3 children. (Yikes!!)

    I always forget that he’s a father. Has one son by his ex-wife, Ivone, and two children (a boy and girl) by girlfriend Lina.

  8. Andy is a dick-head and will always be one unless a miracle occurs, which doesn’t seem likely. He definitely has a touch of mental illness.

  9. Mental illness: the only disease you can come home with and get yelled at for having…..

    but in his case ? i get it. an annoying unmedicated DBag of the 1st order….it’s like he is in a perpetual stated of inappropriate adolescent acting out or something….

  10. I agree w/ all of the comments above. Until HE wants help, staying clean and sober won’t happen. As they say, you have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired to do something. I suspect Mr.Dick has a number of codependent “friends” who help him out… very sad. And look at his face! Alcohol and drugs have ruined his once interesting look.

  11. (wonders why Walt didn’t ask what kind of cookies they were)

  12. If he had an accident in front of your house where are the pics? A big news fell right in front of your doorstep and you werent bright enough to take pics and load it up on your website as an exclusive? You sound like you need a drink to give yourself a clue.

  13. The only reason he has a career now is his bad behavior. If he didn’t urinate in public and fondle women he would get no press and thus no job offers. If he gives that up he is on his own and will have to rely on talent. That is scary!

  14. What…wouldn’t Dr. Drew take him back on Celebrity Rehab again?

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