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And it’s a doozy. Clay planted the idea that he just MIGHT be nominated for an Oscar for his role in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. The movie is enjoying decent reviews (we loved it!) and excellent boxoffice. It has been described as a take-of on “A Streetcar Named Desire“ since Cate Blanchett’s character shares many characteristics with the tragic Blanche Dubois. Of course that comparison DELIGHTED Clay because that means HIS beer swilling working class character is reminiscent of Marlon Brando. Since Cate is likely to earn a nomination for her role, Clay figured “Why not me too?” Actually Clay was well cast as a more subtle version of himself, but his acting wasn’t all THAT. Still, he has high hopes!


  1. I so detest Alec Baldwin that I’m going to print this pic of him and put it on my dart board!

  2. Must we be subjected to yet another picture of Alec “Sourpuss” Baldwin?

  3. His arms look abnormally short and his shoulders small. Truly a sick man.

  4. Let me clarify: I was commenting on Baldwin’s arms, not ADC’s arms.

  5. hey Hilda, maybe you can explain the clinical role that arm length plays in your deduction that “Baldwin’s, truly a sick man ”

    another mental giant !

  6. I would deduce that Baldwin is a sick man by his unrepentant, abusive behavior. His unusual arm length (or lack thereof) shows that he is just as unattractive on the outside.

  7. Haha! Janet’s story title is about Andrew Dice Clay, but everyone’s talking about Baldwin.

  8. no, im not, not at all. but i do find the rampant stupidity of rationilzing the hatered of strangers amusing, if rather pathetic

  9. its true, sites like these are largely used for the anonymous celebration of hatred, and not, sadly, much more

  10. Looking forward to seeing this movie when it gets released in my city. Alec Baldwin is a fine looking man. Sexy voice, too.

  11. He’s an extremely attractive man if you like short arms, arrogance, and a really bad temper.

  12. can’t stand Alex but he looks like he has lost weight. Slim.

  13. Thelma, did the pic of Alec make it to your dart board? If so, what part of his body are you aiming at? And did you hit the bulls-eye?

  14. @Dick – Hahaha! I did print the pic, but didn’t get it on the wall yet. The part I am aiming for? Well, I’ll give you a hint: It’s a part of the body that sounds like you name!

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