If you’ve been watching Anderson Cooper’s Scientology investigation on CNN, you might be wondering who this Tommy Davis person is who has assumed the role of spokesperson for Scientology. (Scientology leader David Miscavige has repeatedly refused to appear in person to defend the church – some say he is avoiding being served with a warrant.) Tommy happens to be the son of actress Anne Archer, a Scientologist for over thirty years. He was Scientology educated (which is very limited) and his family became so wealthy in real estate that he once said “I never have to work a day in my life.” Since the church is so heavily invested in real estate (with no property taxes!) we figure there’s a connection there. Anyway, Tommy’s former friends who left the church, actor Jason Beghe and director Paul Haggis, both called him a “liar” when David denied the existence of “disconnection” – the splitting up of families to shun critics of the church. In fact, it looks like he’s not telling the truth about a lot of things. Watch the final segment tonight or catch up on the CNN website.


  1. Good for Anderson Cooper. I hope he has a team of bodyguards protecting him. He is making powerful enemies by exposing the truth.

  2. I watched one segment and thought it didn’t really get to the heart of the cult that Scientology is. Has it been brought up that L. Ron Hubbard started his “religion” based on a bet w/ a fellow science fiction writer?
    He bet his colleague that he could make a successful religion out of UFOs — and he has! Many years ago, two intrepid LA Times reporters did a multi-part series on Scientology — which took the “church” apart. Well worth looking for…

  3. Anne Archer, the beautiful actress in “Fatal Attraction?” A shame and a waste.

  4. be honest: The United States Need Weasels, folks?

  5. Anne Archer has been a Scientologist for years.

    I am watching Anderson’s report on YouTube.

  6. PS: I think I read where John Revolting got Anne into it, but not sure.

  7. And, there is ANOTHER Tommy who does not like what Anderson is doing—the short little Hitler, Tommy Cruise. I can just picture him now stamping his tiny foot saying ‘No, leave my precious SCI alone’. I hope the idiots in SCI**such as Kirstie Alley, Juliette Lewis, Pris and Lisa Presley, etc. will watch A.C. and heed these warnings. It is not likely, however, since they are so totally brain-washed. BTW, satan and the demonic spirits also hate the exposing of Scientology. Goooo, Anderson, and please always watch your back.

  8. LOVE Anderson Cooper! It’s about time this CULT gets a real investigation! And how, pray tell, is this a religion? What/who do they worship?

    Some people are so gullible. Why don’t they give money to charity instead of this cult? Oh, I know why…because they are selfish and they are only giving money to Scientology for their OWN benefit. PATHETIC! We should just boycott their movies & TV shows.

  9. It doesn’t make you think very highly of the Hollyweird people. Can they really be that stupid to fall for this scam? Yes, apparently so.

  10. Heathen idiot imbecile Scientologists believe in reincarnation, which is the belief that when you die you come back as something or someone else, and it is a never-ending cycle of death and re-entry, death and re-entry. Seems like the rich and famous that join Scientology are the dumbest of all. I would not be in it for the Pacific Ocean full of gold nuggets.

    I went to the Scientology Flagship ‘church’ in Clearwater, Florida, and went in pretending that I did not know this was a SCI church. The loons in there were really scary; they all had a vacant look and 20 marched around the building like zombies staring straight ahead. I felt glad to escape with my life. They don’t like anyone poking into their business, and I am a nobody. Anderson may not realize the danger he is in.

  11. Not making much sense there Jasper, Buddhists believe in reincarnation and the tenants of Buddha (600BCE) are the basis of Jesus’s teachings, there is not one thing Jesus said that had not already been said in the Buddhist religion.

    That said, Scientology is a money grabbing criminal organization and its about time the law caught up with them, fortunately there are not nearly as many of them as they would like the world to believe, less than half a million world wide and dwindling according to independent reports, they are slowly but surely killing themselves.

  12. To clarify one or two of the above comments:

    Scientology is a false demonic cult begun by demon-possessed maniac L. Ron Hubbard,who committed suicide.

    Buddha is a false religion. Buddha is dead.

    Christianity is the one true religion whereby anyone who repents and comes to Jesus in faith and trust can be saved eternally….via his virgin birth, crucifixion on the cross and resurrection. He is alive. His tomb in Jerusalem is empty; others mentioned are still in the tomb and their souls are in Hades.

    Happy Easter to the unbelievers, atheists, agnostics, and most of all my Christian brothers and sisters. Amen.

  13. Scientology, mainstream Kaballah, The Secret! What do you expect in a country that professes to be God-fearing and Christian and goes on about it ad nauseum , but does not give enough statutory holidays for religious observance observance, and sees the shopping as the most significant thing about every holiday?

  14. Now I hope other people would stop accusing Nicole for not caring about Bella and Connor.She is probably praying every day that her children wake up and call her to pick them up.she is an SP and it’s not her fault that they don’t live with her.Please spread this around to other blogs people just don’t have a clue thanks Anderson.

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