We’re worried sick about our little Amy Winehouse. She’s not adapting to life without her husband Blake, who’s still in jail. She was seen Sunday morning at 6 AM, only half dressed, barefoot and bleary-eyed outside a friend’s house in London. “She was distraught- looking up and down the street as if she was expecting somebody, but nobody showed up.” a witness told The Daily Mail. It was cold out and she only had a bra on top. Eventually she wandered back inside but there’s no more talk of rehab.


  1. Sorry to hear you are “worried sick” over Amy Winehouse. Sure hope you’re not SURPRISED that she’s a train wreck! Who cares about this chick anyway? I still have never heard the ONE single she’s supposedly famous for.

  2. Some will laugh and make fun of this statement: Amy needs a grandmother figure to talk to her, take her to Sunday School and tuck her in at night. A perfect case of Little Girl Lost.

  3. People are so vicious, damn!
    The woman is a true talent. If you haven’t heard her songs you’re missing out. Too bad she’s such a mess. Hopefully she could get rid of the demons and truly enjoy her success.

  4. It was quater to 6 so i’d say more like 6 than 5, actually. If you want to be specific!

  5. it’s ashame and all those tatoos she’s got a nice body and someone needs to step and help her before it’s to late.

  6. Does the tat on her right arm say “sober up”?…it should. Damn. A dealer not showing up can sure spoil a decent drug binge. On the plus side, she’s invented a new stage look…the rosary under the bra strap is dynamite.

  7. This looks like Janis Joplin just before she took an overdose. Someone got to step in and rescue this gal before she’s dead!!

  8. SHITTING CAN BE A REALLY HURTING JOB, but someone’s got to do it!!

  9. This girl is in deep trouble. I don’t know what the laws of having someone committed are in Britain but her parents should step in before she’s dead.

  10. no wonder her music is so good. she’s a train wreck!!! i hope she takes care of herself, despite the typical results when musicians get off the drugs.. poor thing.

  11. I hope she can get it together. Her music and her style are so ultra cool it would be a shame to lose them so quick. I wish she was my little sister so I could help her. God help you little Amy.

  12. her music is great her body is great but her mind is gone somebody HELP HER!

  13. Billie Holiday #2.
    Sometimes the life of a person with real SOUL doesn’t run long.
    That’s why they are so different…the life is coursing out of their body so quickly & drugs ARE their life because they know they are destined to die young & can’t handle it.
    This girl is on burn out track #1.
    No one will be able to help her. That is just the way the outcome will be…
    Tragic, but the flame burns quick.

  14. Janet, enough with this British Gutter Trash drug infested skank!

  15. I really love Amy, I don’t don’t know what went down with her in her life to make her such a drunk and drug addict. I don’t think being involved with Blake helps. I just hope she grows up, fix’s the demons that plaque her life. And move on. She is sooooo talanted. but troubled. God Bless her

  16. hey lauren graham you like belly buttons hers one for you is amy’s sexy ? her body is in great shape but the tatoos have got to go.

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