Amanda Bynes IS looking pretty great and healthy these days. Can you believe she’s 30 already? Her treatment for bipolar/manic depression is ongoing and evidently successful. The former child star is taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and aims for a career in fashion and eventually, her own line. She still has her obsession with hair extensions and we can live with that, but her long pointy nails – not so much.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. Nails that long are for decoration and not functional. You can’t type with nails that long.

    They’ll put an eye out.

  2. It’s been hot in LA & she’s wearing all that in the heat?

  3. Hey Janet, Why don’t you write a book about your life and your experiences in Hollywood?

    It wouldn’t have to be a tell-all type book unless you wanted it that way. I am sure there are interesting and entertaining aspects of your life and of celebrities that you could share without getting sued or any legal hassles.

    Heck, if there is somethings that you don’t want the public to know, just leave it out of the book. We won’t know the difference.

    Have you thought about it? Would you consider writing a book for yourself, for your fans, and for potential new fans?

  4. I thought about it, but it’s a LOT of work and probably not much money – publishers like sensational revelations!

  5. Miss Janet,

    Funny and interesting also sell. You have lived an extraordinary life. Didn’t you use to have a clothing shop that celebrities would occasionally wander in & out? You been on TV & magazines for years. Along the way you have encountered celebrities just starring in their TV & movie debuts to perhaps their last interviews.

    Keep in mind that much of what you think would be boring or humdrum, is exciting and interesting to those outside the Hollywood realm.

    Did you read David Spade’s book (on sale for 12.99/about 235 pages)? I did. It wasn’t the size of “War & Peace” but then again, I didn’t want to read “War & Peace.” A lot of what he published in his book were things I had seen him do in standup or in interviews over the years. However, there was just enough to show me enough insight in to Spade (or what he wanted his readers to see) that was satisfying, interesting and enlightening. I enjoyed it.

    You have your own legacy and a healthy fan base. Still, the world loves a good story and I just bet you are full of some of the most colorful ones. You don’t have reveal anything hurtful or disturbing to entertain.

    Okay, that’s my two cents. lol Just wanted to say something……..and mention that you never put hardly any updates on the beautiful

    ps) Give my hellos to Patrick & Palermo if they are still on here !

  6. @WALTER CLIFF…….Is this the Walter Cliff that was on here a couple of years ago? if so, Howdy!!

  7. Amanda is going to have to keep a constant check on her mental condition. BTW, I hate extensions, they are so slutty and fake, in other words, they suck.

  8. Yes Daggers….the one and the same. Just less hair, balance and memory…lol

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