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We always figured that Ali MacGraw would age gracefully and keep her good looks. When she starred in the 70’s tear- jerker Love Story, every young girl wanted to look like her. The brunette beauty went on to marry no less than Steve McQueen, and last we heard she was very involved in yoga and dating her instructor. Now 75, Ali filmed an interview with Oprah for her OWN network and discussed the fact that she stopped coloring her hair and let the gray grow out. She explained that she moved from Beverly Hills to Santa Fe where the women are more relaxed about aging and less devoted to plastic surgery.

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  1. Yes, she’s gorgeous. But, some work has been done, definitiely.
    Steve McQueen turned out to be a first-class a-hole when it came to Ms. MacGraw. She deserves only good things/people.

  2. She looks great! Steve McQueen was smokin’ hot back in the day…good for her for jumping ship to New Mexico – I guess she got tired of living in Robert ‘tan as George Hamilton’ Evans’ guest house?

  3. She is absolutely beautiful and comes across as a very sweet, honest, gracious person. Her hair looks gorgeous and kudoos to her for ditching the dye. It makes you a slave to the salon.

  4. she looks good! how refreshing to see an older star without duck lips and squirrel cheeks..

  5. She looks vaguely reminiscent of Meredith Baxter. I hope she doesn’t turn into a lesbian.

  6. Hal, you sound stupid. If she ‘turned’ it probably would have been prior to 75 years old; or is it that you might have just found this out and change your opinion of her based on a bias?

  7. Ali had something done to her neck over 25yrs ago, no plastic surgery to her face. She’s very candid and would tell.

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