Even the deep and drifting snow in New York couldn’t keep Suri Cruise and her mom Katie away from Sephora. They carried a basket around the store and freely tried out the demonstration products. It’s hard to walk out of that shop without spending a small fortune, but Katie steered Suri away from the overly glittery colors.


  1. strange?


  2. Why doesn’t this little girl have on some warm clothes? Her mom is wearing a coat and boots, yet this little girl is in a sleeveless dress and no boots. Arg!

  3. She is so spoiled now that major problems will for sure manifest, especially when she enters teen years. The Scientology shrinks will have their hands full getting her through all the programs of auditing. She will be there almost full time, and her insane pappy will see to it.

  4. She is always underdressed, and usually wearing high heels and makeup out in public. Her hair is never combed. By the time she is a teenager she’s going to be completely uncontrollable.

  5. She’s supposed to be 3 years old? I don’t think so. Looks more like 5 years old. What say you Missy T?

  6. I have always felt sorry for that girl. Sure, her daddy’s richer than God, but her mom just drags her around everywhere like some kind of trinket. She looks ignored. Kids need attention and love and to be taught, not dragged around in ridiculous clothes inadequate to the weather.

  7. I agree with the comments about her clothes. They always seem inadaquate. The dresses she wears always seem overly big on her, like they are somebody else’s. This dress for example, on a little girl, is just huge and way too much material. Not cute in any way shape or form. And her hair is sloppy as usual, uncombed and messy. It always is like that. And her mom in a coat, but nothing for the child? A thin, shiny dress with no sleeves while it’s snowing outside? Crazy!!

  8. That kid should be wearing leather boots, instead, she is wearing shoes made of cotton. There is a photo of her in a UK tabloid stepping on a huge puddle of iced water. Looks really bad.

    I am sure TC is saving all these photos because come divorce time he will have no trouble convincing the judge the mother is a nincompoop responsible for the holy terror this kid will be. She will have a boyfriend by the time she is 9. Look at miley cyrus kid sister. She’ll get plucked soon.

    Not to worry, Katie will finally get it and the kid will be wearing them ugly uuggghhh boots; it’ll be summer.

  9. Yawn. Please, no more news on the Cruise until Katie makes a break for it, running and screaming!

  10. I can’t stand s**t-head T.Cruise-meister. He is pompous and looks nutty out the eyes, not to mention he is so pitifully short.

    Katie looks totally crazy, because he has driven her crazy. She did the play in NYC to get away from him, but he followed her there anyway.

    Suri is growing up with no sense of the real world. (She must have refused to wear warm clothes…that’s the only explanation).

    Oh, but how could I forgot, Scientology can fix anything….just pay them thousand$ a month and they will audit you into oblivion. Literally oblivion – the idiot members of this cult are so brain-washed it is beyond words.

  11. Suri has never heard the word “No”. She gets what she wants when she wants it. She even goes into stores and picks out all of her wardrobe and hang the cost. Her crazy parents need to take her to an orphanage and homeless shelter and teach her compassion for the poor. But I guess that is not in the Scientology Book of Rules.

  12. The tiny terrible one is not going to like his wife out in public looking like a frump with greasy hair. Last I heard, he ordered her to cut her hair into a pixie cut. And her mentor was supposed to be the oh-so-fashionable Victoria snot-face stuck-up Beckham. She was to always appear impeccably dressed at all times. She may have to attend another auditing session at Scientology Center to whip her back in shape.

    But you can bet the little rule-the-roost Suri will always get what she wants. Tiny Tommy even publicly said that she throws fits and will wear only what she wants to. He said that on E.T. (or one show like it). They are all dysfunctional if you ask me, as is anyone associated with Scientology. **Google Scientology if you don’t know their crazy belief system**.

  13. My opinion is Tom only wants KatE to look nice when she is with him; when she is alone he prefers she wears no makeup and wear those weird baggy outfits. She surely sold her soul and now has to live with this crazy situation.

  14. Something stinks. Who the hells wants their toddler child wearing heels and makeup.

    Mrs. Patsy Ramsey, is that you?

    Expect this soon COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU MISS SURI CRUISE. Think Miley and Lindsey are wild-childs wait till MISS SURI CRUISE hits the age of 6.

    People something is VERY off here who the hell knows what is going on behind their nutty closed doors!

  15. Another set of celebrity parents who should lose custody of their child. Crazy and irresponsible.

  16. I would not be married to T.Cruise if he was triple richer than he is now. To be married to him is to be married to Scientology. Every time I think of SCI, I feel really sad for the celebs and common folk involved in a cult led by Satan.

    RE: Suri’s clothes. I saw in some magazine where Katie had taken her on a shopping spree. 3 or 4 of those dresses were $300 – $500, plain looking dresses you could get for $15 at WalMart. Also she got a stuffed toy for $60 and a $200 blanket. Total waste of money, but I guess she can spend what she wants if..Big IF…she is true to Scientology and faithfully goes to auditing sessions. Oh, gotta go, my BP is shooting up just thinking about this horrid cult.

  17. Katie looks like she never wears makeup. I have to agree with most posts about Suri’s lack of clothing, but who cares if her hair is a mess!

  18. a nother set of wankers who should be loked up or have the death penalty?
    As i know you lot cant affor to send good mony on your kids and get really jelous why they take good care and should be non of ypou bussiness? Just a load of jelouse cu ts so just grow up! just cause you dont have wat they have and get jelous about it no need at all grow up and stop acting like children who get jelous of what the othger child has? stop it or go to hell

  19. its just a nother case of repeting what your kids dictate you live and think every one else is the same grow up please stop comenting or making bad coment as it is not nice and she is a really good kid just like some othe kids a bloody good kid which has realy good parent

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