Steven Tyler’s band Aerosmith has been in turmoil since he announced he planned to be a judge on American Idol. The rest of the band knows that the Idol gig would mean Steven won’t be available to perform as often. That means they ALL earn less money. Last year the band was ready to dump Steven and get another lead singer because he only seemed interested in his solo career and didn’t care about the band. Plus they suspected he was abusing substances and behaving erratically. The guys patched things up THEN, but American Idol could be disaster for the group, which has been together for 40 years!


  1. i don’t think he’s a good choice at all…..then again it doesn’t seem AI ( which i never watch and have only seen bits and pieces of because it is a Colossal JOKE of a show) doesn’t care what the public wants, unless what it wants is 98% people making total fools of themselves on national TV…
    how this show even stays on tv is beyond me…..then again Most TV is dreck.

  2. This faux Jagger is a hot mess. I don’t think tweens have a clue about who he is.

  3. how about the other members of aerosmith should have saved and invested their money? so what if steven wants to do idol.

    who wants to see old ass rock stars?

    those other idiots also fail to realize that this exposure on idol could give them great concert touring with a younger fan base.

    maybe all of this is pr shit.

  4. it costed YEARS & YEARS of investing time to be seen as TOUGH GUY’s.
    now is this ASSHOLE throwing it all away………..DAMN FAGGOT-FRIEND!!

  5. Steven is not easy on the eyes. Like if he would be ‘eye candy’, he would be licorice, the worst tasting candy of all.

  6. Incredible voice, sexy manner, am not happy with his cosmetic surgery, legitimate band, authentic rock, Jagger’s contemporary – not his imitator, rather see a real band instead of bad Beyonce dancing and Kanye pop hype, aging is hopefully inevitable – try it you’ll like it, hope Tyler can overcome the drugs, love licorice. I disagree with Janet’s racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic posters, let’s hear from the other (rational) side now…I know you’re out there!

  7. Tyler is an certified rock star AND an American Idol – one would have to be deranged to argue otherwise. He is a credible singer and musician with style and presence, and serious respect from his peers.

    I am hoping that Tyler’s presence undermines Idol in some way – his just being there should make it obvious that the show, and everyone involved with it (past, present and future) is a joke…No, a JOKE.

  8. No loss if this rock band is no more. How long do they really need to put out their stale music.

  9. It might go the other way. If Tyler proves popular, it could attract new fans to the band.

    Just ask Brett Michaels, the poster boy for washed-up rockstar reinvention.

  10. I’ve never listened to Aerosmith music and I’d be hard pressed to come up with the name of even one song they sing. Steven Tyler, frankly, is horrifying to look at. It shocks me that American Idol is picking him for a judge. I haven’t watched the show in years because it has become boring, predictable, and difficult to listen to. The same kinds of contestants with backgrounds the fans like (the farm kid, the single mother, blah blah)…the same comments from the judges (you didn’t make the song your own, blah blah)…the same auditions with losers who can’t sing (let’s all have the losers sing Proud Mary and humiliate them). They need to hang this show up and move on to something fresh and new and exciting.

  11. Steven Tyler would bring excitment to American Idol,he is a rock icon!
    And Mick Jagger was around before Steven Tyler.
    What I do not understand,is what the hell does he want on American Idol….
    Sorry do not really care for the show at all.
    As for him being an old man…Yes he is,but he has accomplished more then most….and is still going…So give him credit!

  12. Aerosmith is the world’s second most overrated rock band next to Bon Jovi. Only people who still wear acid wash jeans want to see them. Some people just don’t know when to pack it in and move on.

  13. Doug, I grew up on techno/futurist/New Romantic music, and am a Euro-disco/Euro-pop fan. 90% of my music collection is stuff by female singers or singer/songwriters. And I do prefer my music idols to be young, pretty and sexy. But I know Aerosmith well, and am just as happy to hear one of its songs on the radio, or see one of its videos on TV, as anything by Kylie Minogue or GaGa. And I would say that Aerosmith”s most recent stuff is as good as its classics.

  14. Nathalie, I understand that you may not be able to name an Aerosmith song if you are younger than 40, but I am sure you’d recognize at least some of the following: “Dream On”, “Walk This Way”, “Cryin'”, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”, “Sweet Emotion”, “Janie’s Got a Gun”, “Walk This Way”, “Crazy”, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, etc. Listen to even 30 second previews on ITunes, you’d be surprised how consistently present they have been over the last 30 years.

  15. If you saw them at Fenway Park last week, the last thing you would think is that they are washed up. Awesome is more like it and yes, I’m a Boston native and proud of the Bad Boys from Boston. And although I can’t see Steven Tyler as an American Idol judge, at least he has years of success in the music industry unlike Paula Abdul, Kara whatever her name is, and Ellen who was there for I don’t know what reason. He is also known as a bright and witty guy who will likely bring real criticism to the show. So what if he isn’t the best looking guy out there. The dude is a certified rock star and is in the Hall of Fame. Oh and Natalie, download Dream On, Walk this Way or Train Kept a Rollin’ off of Itunes. Then we’ll talk.

  16. Yeah CoCo, and for anyone under 40:

    janie’s Got a Gun, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Pink, Jaded, Crazy, etc.

  17. Their music and they themselves have not aged well. His voice is shot to shit, it never was good, he just strains to reach notes he can’t hit. Not a good singer, can’t convey emotion well, has no range and doesn’t know the how to subtly use his voice for effect. The Cars (also from Boston) are much better.

  18. Casonia Sade Logenberry of Seattle Washington And X Rejection of Hells kitchen and for two years always some one tossing out the chance at being on Hells kitchen and that means they end up in the hospital after the first day there and they leave and throw says:

    Aerosmith has no right to tell a grown ass man what to do with his time and how to spend his time but I am sure they are still friends and love and care and respect each other to a large degree and I hope that there is still respect and care and concern. But I Loved Steven on American Idol and thought he did a fantastic job.

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