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Adrian Brody looks as suave as an ad in a men’s fashion magazine. He’s wearing a Ducati leather jacket, plaid scarf, and a knowing look, as he mounts his Ducati motorcycle in the process of leaving a Malibu party. Yes, January Jones hopped on the back.


  1. He could NEVER even come CLOSE to being in the same league as Clooney! George has something smooth and sexy about him, similar to the old time movie stars of the likes of a Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson level, (and I don’t mean homosexual either). Clooney is every bit a man, as is Brody, but Brody just doesn’t have the oozing sex appeal that Clooney does.

  2. Labels on clothes does not indicate a person with style, charisma, suaveness or anything else. George Clooney is in a class by himself.

  3. Speaking of George, isn’t it almost time for him to give Elisabetta the boot. She is probably by now pushing him for a committment, and George will never walk down the aisle again.

    PS: January Jones looooves men.

  4. Let George fall in love with or be in love with whomever or however long her wants to be. If I were him, I too would certainly date attractive women until I found “the one” (if & when that is). He has every right to be single and dating, OR fall in love or marry when and if the time arises. And if it doesn’t, have a damn good time dating hot women for as long as he can get them to go along with it. And don’t kid yourself that you wouldn’t do the very same thing if you could get away with it too!

  5. he also loves to shit downwards from the topspot of the trump-tower in NYC, folks!!

  6. Adrian, George, multitudes of stars both male and female are spreading germs, bacteria and viruses fast. Truth be told, most of them have an STD they may not even be aware of. The health department where I live had an article in the paper about this, and I’m sure it’s no different (and maybe more so) in GollyWeird.

  7. ^^^^^I agree with L’il Oll Broadway. The stars change partners so often, they must stop and realize they are going to bed with all their previous lovers and germs and bacteria can mutate into something incurable.

  8. I agree with Li’l off Broadway and Jasper’s Goat. The entertainment world seems to be one big session of sexual musical chairs. What I find most interesting is that entertainers seem so obsessed with having exclusives, and the best, yet when it comes to sexual relationships everyone is dealing with very sloppy seconds.

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