As startled as we were by Aaron Carter’s posting of a newly muscular photo of himself on Twitter, we were struck by his sudden resemblance to English actor Rupert Everett. Rupert, you may recall, has always lamented the fact that coming out of the closet early on ruined his career as a romantic leading man in movies.


  1. WHO is “Aaron Carter?” And isn’t that guy on the left the recently skinned Rupert with dyed hair? He needs to get right to the hospital and get burn-victim treatment ASAP! No one can live without SKIN!

  2. Roids! Many H’wood actors take them as common as breast implants.

  3. Hand-picking Madonna to star with him in “The Next Best Thing” did his career no favors, either.

    But really, he had no choice to come out, having written about his early career as a rent-boy, etc. But he’s very talented, and will probably find work for as long as he wants to.

  4. Everett and Hugh Grant both went – at different times of course – the the Betty Boob school of acting. Flutter your eye lashes, give a wide-eyed blank stare and pose.

    Everett stared in only three above average movies I know of – Another Country, Dance with a Stranger and St. Trinian’s. I don’t think he ever attempted to hide his homosexuality, and actually worked as a males escort for a period.

    As for Carter: Look hard Justin Bieber – this is you in 10 years!!!

  5. A known homosexual as a leading man just does not fly, look at Jake Gyllenhaal…..

  6. Aaron is incredibly talented and sweet. He should have won DWTS. I see Broadway in his future. It’ll be good to have a real talent on the boards instead of a creepy perv like Pee Wee Hermann.

  7. Aaron looks like meth addicted body builder.He looks rough more like he is in his late 40’s and honestly, he looks like AIDS patient or person with a terminal illness.I can’t believe this person is in his early 20’s.

  8. A.C. is haunted by something, I know not what. Maybe it’s because he is **A.C./D.C.**

  9. He looks like one of the specimens in the “Bodies” exhibition.

  10. Sebastian: you REALLY think this is how Beiber will look in 10 years?! I can’t for a second believe that marshmallow-bodied “invasion of the Body Snatchers” pod-peeler could EVER find a muscle under the surface of the milk colored skin-suit he wears. Have you SEEN him without his shirt on? If he started out even now he couldn’t manage to build a muscle with a set of Legos in ten years time!

  11. I knew someone would take me literally.

    Reta, what I meant was that in ten years Bieber will be as pathetically desperate to be noticed as to do something twisted like that.

  12. Let’s hope your prediction comes true immediately! I can’t wait for the tweerp to be irrelevant COMPLETELY. Hell, I’D buy him a sack o’muscles if he’d promise to GO AWAY!

  13. Reta, I think Bieber will more likely choose the sex-change route. He is halfway there after all.

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