We fear that Kate Moss is going to rue the day she allowed boyfriend Pete Doherty to point his videocamera her way. He’s filming a video diary of his own life – at home, on tour with his band Babyshambles, even on the tour bus, supposedly for a documentary. Naturally much of his time with Kate is on film too. Odds are the video will catch some of the drug challenged couple’s very private moments and what’s fun now could become a big embarrassment later. Since Pete sold his personal diaries when he needed money, personal video moments might end up on sale also. And what if they break up? Be careful, Kate.

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17 thoughts on “A WARNING TO KATE MOSS

  1. There a is on youtube of this couple singing a riblad, drunken? love song.

  2. There is a video on youtube of this couple singing a riblad, drunken? love song.


  4. She needs to have her kid taken away. What a stupid drug addict.

  5. be nice we are all human kate moss is nice to the eyes

  6. Yup, like Whitney and Bobby, Kate is a hotter mess than Pete.
    Pete happens to have some talent while Kate is a snaggle tooth bow legged bag of bones who got lucky.

  7. She use to look pretty good, somebody just needs to photoshop that picture like they did all the others.
    Or have photographer stand back further.
    If that guy had any brains he’d dump her and go get himself a russian cutie.
    Wonder what she’s going to look like in ten years when she starts gaining weight ?
    That dude is doing her actually a good favor, cause she can look back on the old days when she had it all, looks-money-men-career…. What happens to most has-been-models?

  8. Sick of these two. Nothing they could do would interest me.

  9. “i am following you girl
    April 5, 2007 6:43 AM
    Posted by: Anonymous ”
    You ought to get a life.

  10. Why Margo why?
    Fat and lonely?
    Dive into that tub of ice cream and cry.

  11. kate oh kate my love Who is margo? Sounds weird and untalented

  12. Kate is soo Pretty, I could eat her out by the hour & die happy having done so.

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