We WONDERED why Robin Williams has been acting so odd lately. He alternated between being totally withdrawn and absurdly friendly instead of his usual just-plain manic. And he seemed to be sweating even more than usual. The National Enquirer solved the mystery – Robin’s secret alcohol problem landed him in rehab July 11 – at Hazelden in Oregon. The last straw was when all sorts of pricey merchandise – including Japanese animation art – ( and socks?) started being delivered to his house and Robin had no memory of ordering it online! That’s when you KNOW it’s time to check in!

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2 thoughts on “A SHOPPING PROBLEM

  1. I’m really sorry that the NE decided to write this. He went on his own volition, didn’t alienate half the world’s population, no law enforcement involved, no publicists doing gag-me phoney statements trying to do damage control….
    I wish him the best!

  2. Good luck, Robin. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself.

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