A Little Lip

While Black Dahlia star Scarlett Johansson is celebrating her new album singing the throaty lyrics of Tom Waits, we remember a day in 2004, when Scarlett Johansson and a girlfriend were browsing in the cosmetic department in Malibu’s Planet Blue when a makeup artist at the Too Faced counter beckoned them over. He showed them a new lip plumping product called Lip Injection. The ample lipped actress tried it on and marvelled at how pink and plump her lips looked. She and her friend wanted to buy it right away but were told it was a “prototype” and not available until fall. Disappointed, as the girls were walking away Scarlett giggled to her buddy, “I hope there are no photographers outside! They’ll say I had collagen!” And she walked out with her hand over her mouth.

2 thoughts on “A Little Lip

  1. pretty lame. Big deal. Some actress tried on lipstick… I don’t get all the hype about SJ at all. I don’t think she is oustandingly prettier or a better actress than all of the other ladies in Hollywood.

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