The National Enquirer is coming out with a hilarious story about a guy who calls himself John Arnold, who PICKED UP loony Andy Dick in a Hollywood nightclub. Arnold described Andy as “snorting cocaine like a vacuum cleaner” – yet they ended up in a Japanese restaurant together. John, trying to make the best of this odd date, was appalled when Andy “grabbed the waiter by the crotch and began kissing him on the face- the waiter fought off his advances.” Amazingly, Arnold nonetheless agreed to give Andy a ride home. On the way home Andy “saw a patrol car and pulled out a baggy of coke and tried to snort the entire contents at once.” When Arnold protested, Andy kicked and broke his windshield and punched him in the face before he took off running down the street. The hapless “date” reported the incident to the police – and hopefully to his own psychotherapist.

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18 thoughts on “A DATE WITH ANDY

  1. That is not John Arnold it is Tom Arnold. The years since Roseanne haven’t been kind.

  2. Who reads the National Enquirer? i wouldn’t use that rag for toilet paper. It is a joke. Time to close shop.

  3. why are you promitng that disgusting piece of crap enquirer. that is an old people’s magazine.

  4. i have seen Andy Dick doing coke off of a guys dick in the bathroom of the Abbey MORE THAN ONCE.

  5. I hate Andy, I hate Andy’s dick and I hate the National Enquirer, Thus, I hate this post.

  6. Mike Walker Rules. All of you above are about as idiotic as Andy Dick. Btw, why do you think these actors who behave like this continue to get work? It’s because Hollywood is control by gays and the protect their own.

  7. The Enquirer is the best tabloid in this country, you people have shite for brains!

  8. mike walker is a big joke. who could forget his big scoop that george clooney was bringing teri hatcher to the oscars. LOL the enquirer sucks and no one buys it

  9. LOL the enquirer sucks and no one buys it
    No one buys it?
    Of course they do dumb ass.

  10. Janet, why are you promoting the national enquirer? Weren’t you fired from Star, their sister magazine?

  11. I only buy People, Us In Touch and Life and Style. The Enquirer is a huge piece of garbage and I will stop visiting this site if you are just going to use their fake stories. Please Janet, you are better than this. I doubt you buy or read that joke of a paper.

  12. Andy dick is a loser and no one else cares about him but the enquire. WHen was the last time you read about him in one of the better magazines. A bunch of old queens work at the enquirer. It sucks andy’s dick.

  13. he was HILARIOUS in “Less Than Perfect”– at least he’s got talent. and i bet he’d be fun to spend a saturday night bathopping and what-notting with!!!!

  14. Janet,
    Please stop promoting the Enquirer. You are losing credibility and we all know you have the best gossip.

  15. “I only buy People, Us In Touch and Life and Style.”
    Wow! What an aristocrat. I certainly agree–your tastes are much more refined than the schlubs who read the Enquirer. (BTW, their stories turn out to be true FAR more often than other gossip rags! If you are embarassed, just read it in the check-out line like the rest of us!)

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