Anytime we can publish a photo of Wiseguy heartthrob Ken Wahl we jump at the chance! And this time it’s for a patriotic reason and not just our own satisfaction. You may remember, a painful back injury forced Ken to retire from acting and he credits a pet kitten for pulling him out of a long term depression. Ken is actively involved in pairing up veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder with pets. Many damaged veterans end up suicidal and Ken feels that pairing them with rescued service animals can save and repair lives. He’s become an official spokesperson for the cause and we’re happy to present his point of view on Memorial Day!

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  1. My uncle grew up in extreme pverty, left school in 10th grade, lied about his age, and joined the Army in WW2. He was seriously injured in the Battle at Anzio Beachhead, Italy. Italian families took him in and nursed him back to health. Mama showed me all the letters he wrote her and the suffering and death he saw was beyond belief. He died at age 46 in near poverty.

  2. Good for him and the dogs. He blew a huge career with drugs and now seems to have gotten it together for a great cause. Tell me he is still a hunk(guilty pleasure).

  3. Thank you Janet. I think some younger people only think Memorial Day is about sales and BBQs.

  4. “War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other” (Nick Bellic)

  5. xyz, who or whatever you are: BITTER MUCH? The Barbie sisters do much work for animals. What have you done selflessly for anyone, ever? Also, it isn’t the old poor people that trick the young into fighting, it is the RICH WEALTHY RULING ELITE that brainwash the masses into fighting THEIR wars for THEIR profit.

  6. dogs can pull most people into the light
    they are pure healing love and compassion
    and silliness comes into their energy as well

    dogs are more loving faithful and loyal than most people

    they can aqnd do
    keep people alive

  7. I totally had a crush on him. It’s nice to know he is doing something that makes him happy,

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