This rich and famous Las Vegas entertainer is adored by millions of women but he only has eyes for men – particularly men with big, beautiful feet! He is obsessed with male feet! Our guy often hires the services of rentboys, and not only does he require a handsome face and physique, but perfect feet also. He likes to kiss and cuddle young men’s feet, and he coos and treats them like little babies!

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  1. I know this is Siegfried because i heard of him being into guys toes.

  2. Siegfried everyone knows hes gay and also Manilow.. My guess is Tom Jones. He is adored by millions of women and acts “straight”

  3. I would believe ALL of the answers above. Goofy group of guys(?).

  4. Tom Jones is gay isn’t he? And doesn’t he have that hag of a wife/beard?

  5. It can’t be Cris Angel…”millions of women adore him”…maybe a couple of hundred but never millions. It must be Wayne Newton or Robert Goulet or somebody like that.

  6. Janet C took it down because it was true…..Tom Jones has had more pussy than even Hillary, Oprah, or Janet C…..hard to believe I know but he gets around.

  7. I know for a fact it is Chris Angel, I saw him in Vegas and he basically accosted my husband’s feet, he kept going on and on about his Flip-flops!!!!Old Navy….C’mon! All the looney celebusluts hang with him, ( Pam, Britney, Dina Lohan( can’t believe she is included in celeb anything!)) he’s safe…

  8. Note that Janet didn’t say singer, she said entertainer and Chris Angel makes a big point of being a “ladies man.” Yeah. Chris Angel foot freak sounds about right.

  9. Chris Angel always paints his toenails black so it must be him

  10. my feet are delicious! For only two million dollars, I will let you smell and kiss my feet and make goo goo gaga to my toes!

  11. Its definitely george michaels. I remember a really old oprah episode when doctor phil was still around and george michaels was going on and on about how he wanted to kiss his f-…. wait, he wanted to rub dr phils bald head… bah sorry. ok ok i know who it is for sure, its richard simmons. GIRLS LOVE HIM!! I think. im at least like… sorta sure. kinda. maybe.

  12. George Michael and Sigfreid?? are you kidding me. They have been out for several years. why would a blind gay item be of an out gay man?

  13. Sinatra used to play Vegas. So did Elvis. And, I am fairly certain they would, either one shove a foot fetish up your ass if yous suggested they had the Gay. So, let it go.

  14. 10.17 – sorry to break it to you but the stories about Elvises bisexuality are legion. Anyway nobody suggested them. Are you having a different version of this site running inside your head to the rest of us? Time to up the meds! ( I liked your post though, V funny 🙂

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