These good looking performers were America’s Sweethearts and their divorce sent shockwaves through Hollywood. The real reason they split up: He brought her a gift she didn’t like. HERPES! That’s how she figured out he was cheating. Her new boyfriend doesn’t mind because he got the SAME gift from a cheating girlfriend!

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  1. Anniston doesn’t have a boyfriend (for very long now does she..meow!) Reese and Ryan seem to obvious….Jessica and Nick aren’t a Hollywood couple…..Meg and Dennis?

  2. It says “performers” so they’re probably not actors. That said – I’d go with Jessica and Nick

  3. Ryan and Reese for sure! Look how skanky Kirsten Dunst has gotten and it’s not like Ryan kept it in his pants so he could have gotten anything from anyone!

  4. Its definitely Reese and Ryan. As for Jake, we all know that Kirsten “Drunkst” is a lil skank who publicly proclaimed she did like to bath.

  5. Its definitely Reese and Ryan. As for Jake, we all know that Kirsten “Drunkst” is a lil skank who publicly proclaimed she did NOT like to bath.

  6. It’s Nick and Jessica. Tony Romo dated Carrie Underwood before Jessica and notice the word CHEAT that Janet uses? Carrie’s song is called “Before He Cheats”!

  7. uma and ethan or valerie bertinelli and eddy van halen, she is not married to the guy she lives with and she was america’s sweetheart (that is an amazing guess if I do say so myself and I do!)

  8. Fucking morons.The clue is PERFORMERS.Not actors.Jesus some of you dolts on here have ur heads shoved so far up your asses.Its Nick and Jessica,DUH!!

  9. Nick and Jessica were dubbed “America’s sweethearts,” and note the use of the word “performers” as opposed to “actors.” I gotta go with Nick and Jessica. And didn’t Tony Romo have a cheatin’ ex?

  10. Ok Mimi…chill…..on second thought…Nick and Jessica…and we all have our heads up our asses…we’re reading this drivel aren’t we? DUH!?

  11. It’s Prince von A-hole and Gaga Gabor.

  12. I didn’t know lauren graham & matthew perry were even MARRIED??? I thinks the 2 are reese and ryan 2 obvious, janet c, used the word performers instead of actors, which means the same thing.Actors perform 2

  13. jennifer aniston had n’t had a date for ages seems odd the guys date her and drop her quickly like a hot potato.

  14. since when did Nick and Jessica’s divorce send “shockwaves through Hollywood”???
    Every1 saw that coming. Defitenly Reese and Ryan

  15. nick and jess because he was always giving her gifts…like the dog and expensive handbags.

  16. I came here to guess Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen and it looks like someone else has the same idea I did.
    I think this is the obvious choice. It’s been said that Jessica was the cheater and not Nick in their marriage. And I seriously doubt that Carrie Underwood gave Romo the herp.

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